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  1. Nobody have any clue what is going on?
  2. I bought a used 2010 Prius, no sound to driver side door speaker, but there is sound to the driver side dash speaker. The wiring diagram for the vehicle says these two speakers are run in parallel. Took the panel off door and speaker is factory but has obviously been replaced at some point, and seller probably put it back in when he sold it to me. Purple and pink white wires were spliced with speaker wire at the speaker. Took off kicker panel on driver side door and see that two of the same labeled wires were spliced prior to going into a clip. Everything was hooked up and no sound. I pulled new head unit out and checked the polarity between the wires that were spliced and the front speaker lines going into the head unit harness and NO polarity. I am at a loss as to why no signal going to the speaker and where it could be lost since the driver side dash speaker is working. I attached a pic as to where I found the speaker wire spliced under the kicker driver side panel...no signal from the ends of these wires...I verified the speaker is in working order. I ran a separate speaker wire line to back of head unit to test with dash speaker disconnected and it ran fine. I am lost please help lol...