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  1. I cant move anything from where it is. landlord doesnt allow anything blocking easy access to the windows for "safety" reasons. so I cant move everything to where the bass hits the hardest because its right in front of the windows in the opposite corner of my room from where im sitting. my desk is really big. and moving just my subwoofers over there wont help anything because i'll still be in a null/cancellation spot so more power is my only option unless they change their rules about stuff being in front of the windows.
  2. I just want to ensure my subs get clean power. plus my room has really bad cancellation below 40hz or room gain around like 50hz in my sitting position so i need alot of power to hit the lows like below 40hz and i plan on upgrading to better subs eventually when I can too. below 40hz the bass just sounds like "listening" volume even at max volume. i can have a conversation over the bass if its below 40hz but around 45 to 50hz it sounds like i have my head inside the subwoofer port. I feel like i get more low deep bass just sitting my subwoofer on the floor and making the floor vibrate because it removes the cancellation lmao
  3. it was the cheapest I could find for the watts at the time. less than 100$ and the power supply for it was only 20$ free shipping on amazon. but moving up to close to 1000 watts RMS at 2 ohms is much harder to do in home subwoofer audio and find a good deal on that is a good bargain.
  4. its definitely 34hz i tested it playing a sinewave sweep and stepping through the frequencies one by one and its dead on 34hz exactly. works fine! the MTX subs werent as good. has less xmax. cheaper terminals. more cheaply made. the magnet had sharp jagged raggedy edges on the inside edge of the pole piece and not aligned very well. and the cone was made of a really brittle plastic material to begin with. the center of both dustcaps cracked like 1 inch wide crack within a month or so of having them and i didnt even play them on much power. they had rubber surrounds but the look quite lumpy around the edges when i take the rubber gasket off. the DS18 seems pretty over-built. stitched surround. extra high roll surround and still having more cone area than the terminator subs. better magnet. even has a rubber boot on the magnet to protect it. much beefier push/spring terminals makes it super fast and easy to hook up to bare wire. and slightly more than twice the xmax rating of the terminator subs. very clean excursion too. less mechanical noise than the terminator subs. and with the new box i got they hit lower and cleaner too. and seem like they could take even more power if I got a more powerful amp. video of the DS18 sub playing. any distortion/clipping you hear is just from the camera mic not being able to handle the bass being so close to the subwoofer. nvm i fixed the youtube url being posted as a link instead of a video i just changed https to http at the beginning. no idea why it changed it for me.
  5. I'm not in a car im in home. everything setup in my bedroom I have no bass boost set. turned off completely. my box is ported tuned to 34hz and not sealed. it hits down to about 22hz strongly. my subs do not even get close to bottoming out without subsonic filter. even playing a 20hz sinewave at full volume my subs still have plenty of overhead excursion left. they arent even being stressed when playing music. they start dropping off in excursion below 20hz and above 20hz without a subsonic filter. only have low pass filter set to 40hz on both subs so they dont play any high frequencies. even though its tuned to 34hz. it sounds the loudest around 45 to 50hz so i set an EQ on my computer to account for that and reduce the bass around 40 to 100hz and reduce the peak at 45hz by 15dB and 50hz by 18dB to make it sound flatter and less boomy. my room really resonates loudly around 45 to 50hz it sounds like my head is in the subwoofer port when i stand across the room from my subs unless i have my EQ filter on my computer set to reduce the peak around there. I prefer SQ over SPL so it sounds really good the way its set up right now. i would need a subsonic filter if I got a more powerful amp for sure. the amp i plan on getting rockville dB14 comes with a subsonic filter already so i'll be using that if I give my subs more power.
  6. I got a new set of subs cause one of the terminator subs terminals broke when i was moving them to my new box I got tuned 34hz with 1.8 cubic feet per sub with separate chambers I got some DS18 SELECT 4ohm 12" subwoofers they hit harder and sound cleaner and get louder and deeper too. a fair bit stiffer suspension but they sound much better i gave them plenty of time to break in before putting them in the box. about 3 hours of 20 to 40hz tone sweeps to really work them in. I need a new more powerful amp though they can still be pushed more. underrated subwoofers. stitched surround. very tall roll surround with high cone area. and even protective rubber boot on the magnet. and they have more beefy terminals too. push/spring terminals. not like the crappy spade/blade terminals that the terminator subs had. they get loud and clean very clean excursion no mechanical noise at all.
  7. I play all kinds of music some even have below subsonic frequencies bass i love you has some frequencies below 10hz and some other songs have super deep bass like 20hz violation and subsonic world and stuff have bass below 20hz and a song called 17 hurts
  8. ive not done anything wrong just asking questions
  9. mine are definitely tuned to like 45 to 50hz or something really high. 25hz and below it gets quieter and stuff starts vibrating and jumping up and down a lot. and i want to cut down stuff below like 25hz so its not vibrating stuff so much and my subs look like they are about to jump out of the box at 14hz. they arent bottoming out but they look close to it. is there a way I could set up an EQ/filter subsonic filter on my pc instead if that will work better? i just have one amp going to my subs and another amp going to my stereo speakers hooked up with a Y headphone cable splitter to hook both up seperately but in the same headphone output on the front of my pc
  10. please dont assume i have a mental illness. its just a question. and thats just rude to say.
  11. like i set the low pass filter first. then set the bass boost to just over half so until the frequency that outputs the most power is around 40 to 50hz with the gain all the way down and turn up the gain so that the voltage around port tuning is set right on the amp so the subs get the most power around that frequency range. so lower than that it'll drop off in frequency like a subsonic filter preventing the subs from bottoming out? since the bass boost is on it'll drop in output below 40hz or so and the subs wont bottom out below that? if the amp doesnt have a subsonic filter can that work?
  12. realflow100

    DUAL subwoofer setup. one sub makes a weird ticking sound?

    Well you'd never guess what i did to fix it! I just took a sprits/spray bottle and filled it with just water. sprayed some all the way around on the spider so it was wet and damp. flexed the speaker a couple times and now its completely silent! Weirdest fix ever but interesting that it worked so well. I made sure not to get any water on the coil or excess water dripping into the magnetic gap. after i let it dry for a few minutes i played it and its clean sounding all the way to full excursion!
  13. realflow100

    DUAL subwoofer setup. one sub makes a weird ticking sound?

    i dont hear any other mechanical noise except the small ticking sound that sounds like its coming from the spider i think. the other sub has almost no mechanical noise at all except for the quiet air sounds coming out the venting at maximum excursion
  14. realflow100

    DUAL subwoofer setup. one sub makes a weird ticking sound?

    Im pretty sure it would instantly break if i did that. it probably just make a sharp loud pop noise and be dead within a half a second. and I dont want to deal with the smell that would make.
  15. realflow100

    DUAL subwoofer setup. one sub makes a weird ticking sound?

    thats just going to burn it up and ruin it im not going to do that!