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  1. for a 12v SLA AGM battery what should the charging voltage be when using subwoofers. having the battery to take the load of the bass hits and the charger to keep it charged up whenever the bass isnt hitting hard. should the charging voltage be 13.8v? or 14.4? or somewhere around there? I dont want to overcharge the battery by keeping it up at 14.4v too long if thats unsafe. if it is safe to keep it at 14.4v when listening to music will that be fine? and should i turn it down to 13.8v when I wont be listening for a while?
  2. its a ported box. theres a vent on the right side of it that goes horizontally through it. its just not visible from the angle i took the photo https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07C32KMRM this model
  3. No? that makes no sense. I dont live in russia?? im in south carolina orangeburg. a real place. No need for name calling either. I dont make troll posts! Did you even read what I typed and seen the image I posted?
  4. Im in the USA heres my subs and im not 16. I was born 1997 september 20th so im 21 as of now and whats wrong with super capacitors? they work great and prevent the power supply from cutting out from hard bass hits
  5. I'm not a troll? Why does everyone keep saying that every time I ask a question on a forum site? And I dont go to school im an adult.
  6. no the 12's have much louder bass. im just saying these new speakers have pretty good bass for their size they sound bigger than they really are because of the beefy components and low port tuning the 12's have house shaking bass. but the dayton speakers have personal bass. wont shake the house but you'll definitely still hear the bass clearly and cleanly using them as stereo desk speakers
  7. I just got some new speakers to go with my subwoofers. Dayton audio MK402!!!! INCREDIBLE speakers and sound quality now! Even the dayton audio speakers themselves have incredible bass alone!
  8. I hooked up a 12v 6-cell super capacitor bank with 500 farads per super capacitor and it seems to hit harder and less boomy sounding. better low frequencies
  9. Well it works for me and I can tell if its clipping or not very easily. it keeps the clipping below the audible point and negligible
  10. if I upgrade the subwoofers will it just not overheat anymore on the same clean power? will I need a more powerful amplifier to make it the same loudness as before? or will it be slightly louder on the same power or the same?
  11. I checked with an aux cable wired to a 1 ohm resistor and a 10k resistor hooked up together to both speaker outputs and the aux cable plugged into my line in on my computer and recorded it in audacity to check for clipping at various frequencies then played back the recorded samples and heard no clipping and couldn't see any clipping in the waveforms either I used the 1 ohm resistor and 10k resistor to drop the voltage down to a safe level to hook to my line in on my computer and checked both speakers while running with the subwoofers plugged in playing a variety of frequencies the voltage on both bridged outputs are about 28.28v with no speakers plugged in at the loudest frequency of about 40hz
  12. I'm just asking what anyone else thinks. lol
  13. I found out the issue. the subs are getting about 100 maybe 200 watts each and only moving a little bit. no wonder they are heating up at those frequencies. they move more air at higher frequencies and lower frequencies. Maybe its a thing like I should give them enough power to cool themselves from cone movement but not too little power where they dont move enough to cool themselves but still enough to cook slowly? Is that even possibly a thing? or should I just keep the power lower around that frequency?
  14. I'm talking about the song not my amplifier. the song might have clipped bass as part of the audio Im not sure. I already did research and properly installed and set up my audio equipment. i think its just the song has clipped bass and I couldnt tell because the vocals were coming clear over the bass and my amplifier gains are set correctly. I think the subwoofers are just crappy. guess time to save up to buy better subwoofers and possibly new subwoofer box as well.
  15. I actually tried getting the 2500 watt monoblock amp from walmart but it was an EMPTY BOX and they had none in the back in stock! so I picked the closest one I could find. in RMS ratings for my subwoofers