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  1. Have you searched each drivers website for information? Companies will usually list their recommended points and power ratings. If the Digital Design mid really does extend to 20k there is no real constructive use for the Alpine tweeter and I would lose it as it will cause too many issues. There is no possibility that the mid is going to reproduce 160Hz at a reasonable listening level without horrible distortion and damage and should be crossed over much higher. Do you have a preference for crossover slope? What slopes does the processor offer? So without getting very in depth and no Alpine tweeter (which should be at least a 2nd order HP @ 3kHz to start), I would high pass, or 2nd order HP the Digital Designs @ 600Hz, the SilverFlute 6.5' should start out with a 2nd order LP @ 600Hz and a 2nd order or higher HP @ 60-70Hz. To achieve the greatest low frequency impact I would HIGHLY recommend setting the sub point, slope and time delay in relation to the front speaker settings while listening to low frequency sine waves. Try adjusting the front HP filters also until you achieve the best possible combination. Cheers