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  1. mahmoud1919

    small system with clear sound

    thank you so much and i will need your help in installation and editing settings but some time until get my head unit. can i run 2 pairs of speakers and subwoofwr on an amp with 4channels
  2. mahmoud1919

    small system with clear sound

    ok i will grab kmm bt 304 soon but still something that i want to know 2way speakers with subwoofer or just 3way speakers what would be more clear
  3. mahmoud1919

    small system with clear sound

    Thank you so much ok let's assume that there is a head unit with three rca pre out what we will do?. but what about dac is that should be built in in all of head units even if it has no cd player i searched for head units that i can buy and will has those specs that you refered to at your reply and found that kmm bt304 but there is no dac at all of its specs https://www.kenwood.eu/car/receivers/bt-receivers/KMM-BT304/
  4. mahmoud1919

    small system with clear sound

    thank you so much i am not in usa in my country it's hard to find good sound technichals and i am also like that have know idea about sound systems so i asked here then find an easy way to do this to my car.
  5. mahmoud1919

    small system with clear sound

    hello help please
  6. hi all i want to use jbl gt7 6c component 2way in front doors with power handling peak 150 watt (4ohm) jbl gto 628 2way with power handling: (180peak) ( 60 watt rms) (2ohm) on rear shelf and 1000 watt subwoofer with kenwood kmm bt502dab it has just one rca exit. which amp power should i use with this ? and will this system give a clear sound or use 3way 6x9 jbl gx 963 400 watt on rear shelf with no subwoofer.