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  1. Anyone have any specs for enclosure size needed for one of these subs?
  2. Thanks shredder. Apologize for my impatience, I have been looking around and figured I would try this site due to the amount of members. No replies in a week so I thought f**k it, I’ll try a negative response and that got a quick reply from what I’m guessing is a female or gay dude due to the response of Bye Felicia. But that’s it’s business. The box is going to go in the back seat area of my 2011 Tundra SR5. I’ve removed the double seat behind driver seat so there’s plenty of room for anything. I currently have a T-line box I built which is 36x32x22.5 And far off from the internet warrior comment for damn sure; but slo ride fits that description.
  3. Oh I see your one of them bad asses. 😆 Keep that cock sucker flappen sunshine 💯
  4. Damn. That’s a nice box build. Do you like using the hardwood rather than mdf? I’ve only used mdf so not sure how they differ in sound and durability. I can say that coating that box is guaranteed easier than mdf. Lol
  5. SMD has more knowledge and people willing to help so stick Felicia up your A$$ ✌🏼🖕🏼
  6. I had a cheesy power acoustic 2500D rzr1 laying around and put it to work on my Ampere Audio 3.0 15 and cranked the gain almost 100% (about 680rms) and shit im pretty impressed with its power. Might just have to pick up another and throw two at the sub beings it’s a DVC