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  1. I pulled the trigger on an image Dynamics id10d2 v4.
  2. So I've got a 944 that I am planning on sticking a 10" sub in the spare location. I have an Orion hcca 225g4 amp that I fell for because it is beautiful, and people had nothing but good to say about them. My box will be about 1500ci, could be smaller. From what I understand about the amp, it runs best at 1 ohm. Correct me if I am mistaken. So I have been looking at 10" subs with dual 2 ohm voice coils. I like to listen to rock, reggae, some hip hop, and some techno. My goal for the car is to be able to drive fast with the top off (whole roof panel lifts out like a giant sunroof, not a convertible or targa) and hear my music clearly! Sub size:. 10" Box size: 1500ci Car: small hatchback Location: way back of the car hidden. Music:. Rock reggae, hip hop, techno. Rest of system:. front stage 5 ¼ alpine type r components, Rear fills are 6 ½ diamond h600s components Amp:. Alpine mrv f505 100watts per channel I don't know enough to know where to start, so I think one ohm to get the most from the amp, and be able to power a 400rms sub or so. So I end up looking at an Alpine type r 10 with dual 2ohm coils. Right track? Ready to pull trigger and build box now.
  3. Summitp

    New budget install Porsche 944 Turbo

    I'll see if he still has them. If I can figure where to put that monster crossover, I'll give em a shot. And if I can't, you got first dibs.
  4. Summitp

    New budget install Porsche 944 Turbo

    I have a pioneer deh x9500bhs It has the ability to set high pass filters, and sub woofer crossover points. It has 3 sets of pre amp outputs. From what I understand with active, if I want to use all 4 corners, I would need 2 four channel amps, one for front stage, and one for back. I'd be more willing to use just one channel amp to drive fronts and skip the backs, but the front woofer is only a 5.25, while the rear set Is 6.5. Space in the car is somewhat limited, and I don't really want to have 3 huge amps out back visible to the whole world. Plus my car is using an alternator from a Nissan quest rated at 125 amps. Don't want to overload the cars electrical limits. I suppose if I had another big 4x100, then I could run 6.5 woofers off of 2 channels in the second amp, and run the sub off the 3rd and 4th channels to run the sub. Does it sound like I understand things correctly? (Strong possibility that I do not.) Also, local guy has a set Of 6.5 diamond audio hex s600s for sale for a hundred bucks. Google seems to indicate they are not to highly regarded.
  5. Summitp

    New budget install Porsche 944 Turbo

    Amp that will power front and rear speakers... Recommendations for 6.5 comps that this amp can handle? Alpine mrv f505, 4x100@4ohm.
  6. Summitp

    New budget install Porsche 944 Turbo

    It's pretty fast. Souped up a bit. Will take any Cayman out there (including gt4 in a straight line) and will show most 996 911 (not turbo) the tail lights. It's fun to drive up the canyon and see another Porsche, and they think they will walk me, and it doesn't happen. It is not real quick off the line though in town unless you really rev it and dump it, and I don't want to trash my clutch, so I don't do that too often. Once you are Rollin and spooled you though, it's quick. Bout the speakers though.... Rear comps and tweeters. Those $30 Alpine eBay specials the way to go? What about the 6.5 comps for the rear?
  7. Summitp

    New budget install Porsche 944 Turbo

    Ha, close but no cigar. The 89 turbo came with the lightweight forged club sport wheels... came with a number of improvements over the standard 944 turbo, and the same equipment as the 88 turbo s. LSD, hardened gears in transmission, external transmission cooler, fancier stereo, m030 koni coilovers suspension, thicker sway bars, bigger turbo, etc... It is a fast one...
  8. This has been a very interesting forum to read and learn more than I ever knew existed about car audio. I've always liked messing around with audio equipment in the house and car, and now I find myself with a bunch of random car audio gear, and I've started ripping into my Porsche to do some upgrades. Stock, the 89 turbo came with a 10 speaker system, 3 speakers in each door, a tweeter, a 3" mid, and a 5.25" woofer. All three ran off a passive crossover that was installed in the door. In the back right behind the seats under the quarter window were a 6.5" woofer and tweeter. Sounded ok, but was buzzing in the doors from blown mids. So over theast year and a half between chasing parts for my e34 540i bimmer, I ended up acquiring some interesting car audio stuff. I installed a pioneer deh x9500bhs head unit, and have begun installing speakers in the doors. I have some older Alpine spring 136a type r 5.25" woofers (silver with red r)weeter, and passive crossovers, but no tweeters. For the amps, I have an Alpine v12 mrv f505 4 channel (100w rms per channel at 4ohm), an Alpine mrx f30 4 channel (50w rms per channel at 4ohm), and an Alpine 3542 2 channel (75w per channel at 4ohm). So my plan is, sound deaden the door, mount up the type r woofers in the door, block off the 3" mid. For the rest of the speakers, I was going to run the stock tweeter in the door, or replace with the Alpine eBay ones I see people here using, and just run the type r crossover. For the rears, I was going to replace the stock 6.5 and tweet with a passive component set, but I have no idea what to get, I want to budget about $200 for speakers, total. For a sub, I will use a jl 8 slim box (currently sitting in bimmer trunk) until I figure out how to install a sub stealth somewhere in the back, cubbies behind rear wheels or in spare cavity. I plan on sound deaden everything I can while I am in there, but am not going to go crazy pulling carpet. Will get the doors, the rear hatch area, and the speaker cavity for the 6.5. So plan is.... Keep it on a budget, into it about $30 so far for wire. Doors, type r 5.25 woofer and crossover, need tweeter. What to get? Rear, Need 6.5 passive comps. What to get? Use the Alpine mrv f505 for the front four channels. Sub jl 8 slim box until a bigger better mounting solution is figured out, and power with the Alpine 3542. Good plan? What speakers to get? Car in question, and pics of gear...