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  1. Jason Taylor

    Sundown vs DD

    I’m getting some new subs. Right now I’m stuck between the sundown EV3 12” vs the digital designs DD508 12”. Anyone have personal experience with theses subs to say what one is the better choice? They bother share the same (or almost the same) price, and specs are really close to each other. Appreciate any opinions
  2. Jason Taylor

    What Sub Should I go with?

    A box doesn’t do a lot with no subs in it... but if you can find one that does then send me the link lol
  3. Jason Taylor

    What Sub Should I go with?

    I’m gonna be using the old ported Rockford enclosure, H 15in, W 33in, D 15in, and it’s a vented enclosure (the standard most their dual 12in sub come in)... and by hitting harder I really mean a general over improvements all around, but mainly a good spl improvement would be great
  4. Jason Taylor

    What Sub Should I go with?

    So I recently have been running Rockford p2 12s, 2 of them, but they both recently blew, and I personally am not a Rockford fan anyways and am looking for what to go with next, my price range is like $120 per sub or but I’m flexible on that. Just want to get something that hits harder than the p2s and is not Rockford... the amp I’m using is the Rockford prime 1200.1D, looked at a lot of subs but can’t seem to find any in my price range that out do the p2 if anyone has any recommendations and or personal experience upgrading from the p2 line that would be amazing... thanks