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  1. jogogonne

    Honda Accord radio thump noise and cuts out

    Is the ACM the same thing as the amplifier?
  2. jogogonne

    Honda Accord radio thump noise and cuts out

    Hi there. Thank you so much for the replies and sorry for the delay in response. First off, no work ever done of the car audio, all stock. So, same issue still persisting. Even with the Bluetooth disconnected, the radio will all of a sudden give off a loud thump and then die (LCD still lit). Turning on and off doesn't do squat, but restarting the ignition will. Obviously I cannot do this while driving. I know it is not speakers because the radio tuner will not work after the thump. In other words, after the thump the tuner only goes up one number as if you were in the boonies and had no reception. Also interesting to note, one time, after the thump, there was a loud beep coming from the radio like emergency broadcast, that persisted until I was able to pull over and shut off ignition but that only happened once. Also, I have no problem paying for a new radio, but I fear that if the problem is not the radio, I'll just have the same problem and be out the $ I spent to put in a new radio. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...
  3. 2012 Honda Accord, stock radio. I will be driving and all of a sudden I'll hear a loud pop/thump and the radio will cut out. The screen will still be visible and I can still switch between CD/AUX/FM/AM, but no sound. If I park and turn off the car and restart, it will be back in action as normal until the next time it happens which is getting to be frequent. This happened around the period where I put on an external Bluetooth, which is just plugged into aux jack, probably not cause, but worth mentioning I guess. I've googled and some people say speakers. I don't think it's speakers because after the thump/noise, I will use tuner for FM/AM radio and it keeps searching as if there was no antenna. Then, when I park, restart, and try again, tuning to FM/AM radio goes back to normal. Any ideas? I don't mind spending some $ to get this fixed, but I don't want to replace something and have that not be the problem.