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  1. I have 2018 Camaro SS 1LE non-Bose, no factory amp. Here's my setup: I am planning to use the PAC AP4-GM61 module to get the RCA clean-signal output straight from the 8" factory HU. It will then hooked on to the Rockford Fosgate P1000X5 amp via the RCA. The output to the speakers will be: FRONT: RF P165-SI components with x-over built into the basket of the woofers/tweeters. 1) Now here's my question, on the amp it has LP - AP - HP. Do I set it to AP since the x-over are built in the speakers? or should I still set it HP? REAR side panels: RF P1650 Coaxial 2-Way 2) This would be set it to AP also? SUB: I haven't fully decide on which sub I want but it will be a ported enclosure. Obviously this channel will be set to LP. 3) On the amplifier, there are knobs for FRONT and REAR input level: 12.0V to 0.15V. How do I know where to set this at? EDIT: The manual for the PAC-GM61 states, “AP4-GM61 delivers variable 5v RMS pre-amp outputs with fading.” I would set it at 5V. I believe there’s a 4V on the dipswitch too.