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  1. Justin Daniel

    Best amp for 10" Dayton Ultimax

    Awesome. Thanks a ton you both. I have been out of the game for about 10 years when I had two Brahmas, and I'm looking for something a little lower key now that I'm an old man, haha. I didn't know that Soundcubed amps were any good, but from doing some reading it seems like they are good to go!
  2. Justin Daniel

    Best amp for 10" Dayton Ultimax

    I'm looking at the 10" Dayton Ultimax and DIY sealed enclosure combo that is on Parts Express, and I'm having some trouble finding something to power it. I'm probably not going to upgrade to anything bigger/more, so it looks like I need something that is 500 RMS at either 1 or 4 Ohms. I keep finding 1 Ohm stable amps at 2000k watts, which I don't think I need/my alternator will support. My budget is probably $250 or less (ideally less!). Any suggestions would be super helpful!