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  1. Do you know something I do not? Any input would be appriciated
  2. I recently buffed polished and waxed my car however today I noticed really thin hairline scratches all over the car (which I thought I removed in the buffing process) however when I run my finger over them they disappear same with a microfibre cloth. Any hints to what it may be? Am I just temporarily hiding them by wiping them?
  3. Ok thanks for your help, i wonder if theres a way to set resting voltage to 13.2 in an ecu tune or something. oh well it is what it is i guess.
  4. also, how would my battery ever reach its full charge of 13.1v if the alternator is usually at 12.8? lol
  5. i dont experience that big of a drop on the bass hits, im just worried about charging voltage as i do not usually travel that far in this vehicle and last weekend i went on a 1.5hr trip and battery just barely had enough juice to get the car started when we got back home (clicked a few times and cranked really slow). I thought the alternator was going bad but it seemed fine on a voltmeter so we went with a new battery. I wonder if its not getting a positive charge on longer trips due to the lowered voltage and taxing sound system.
  6. I have an 09 Saturn Aura, both GM cars.. ill have to look into it. did you find a way to bypass the system to have the alt run at 14.5 all the time in your Yukon?
  7. My battery recently took a shit, so i went out and purchased a Optima Yellowtop which is apparently supposed to read 13.1v fully charged however ive never seen it go over 12.8v. I ran a voltmeter into the car and noticed that while driving sometimes the voltage drops from 14.5v to 12.5-8v and then maybe 10 minutes later it will go back to 14.5v this really has me stumped and i really dont want to damage my new battery. Bad Alternator? No lights on dash or anything
  8. I have a 09 Saturn Aura XR (l4) and am wanting to take use of the other 2 channels on my amp. I have already amlified the rear deck speakers however i really dont want to have to take the door panels off to run new wire. So my question is where would you splice into factory wiring at? I googled a wiring diagram and it said that the front left speaker wires are gray and tan. So I took the trim off on driver side of vehicle and saw a gray wire, I cut this gray wire hoping that it would make the door speaker stop playing however it was not the correct wire. I really dont want to take the dash out again or take door panels off as that is a pain in the ass. any suggestions?
  9. When I flip my subwoofer phase at the headunit (pioneer nex), the subs get a great deal quieter, however my door speakers sound alot better.. is there a way to have both the clarity and the loudness at the same time? I have a pioneer 1500w for subs and a 3700w boss amp for rear speakers.
  10. It's a pioneer avh 2300 nex, not sure of preamp voltage
  11. its stock alt that dips to 13v but rests at 14.6ish but yea im going to lower the gain a bit..
  12. Also, it was like a 10minute trip, nothing too extensive.. around 25% on HU i couldnt really pick out what it smelled like.. almost like plastic but then later i thought it smelled like glue.. so idk wtf is going on lol.. i checked connections and every wire seems to be fine, however on my 4 channel amp (to the door speakers) the wires were melted at the terminal.. so im kind of hoping that is the cause of the smell, but im really concerned about the subs.
  13. Yea i have the amp so high to get it to where i want it, because it IS sealed box lol.. they still work fine, so i dont believe they are damaged, just smelly asf
  14. I have 2x punch series 600rms and a audiopipe 1500 wored at 1 ohm. I have had this setup for about 3 months and just started smelling a burning smell filling the trunk. Could this be the excess glue burning off still? After nearly 3 months of use? I have my gain set quite high, about 80% up... Could it be clipping? Both of the subs have a peak of 1200watt, I find it hard to believe a 1500watt amp pushing 2 of these subs could have enough power to harm them, but I may be wrong. Any help would be great!
  15. i have 2 fosgate p3 12's and the site recommends 1.02 cu ft. per chamber for sealed, and my current box is 1.26 cu ft. per chamber... should it be fine or should i fill it with something to get it down to the 1.02? my main concern is damaging the subs as they weren't too cheap!