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  1. i have 2 fosgate p3 12's and the site recommends 1.02 cu ft. per chamber for sealed, and my current box is 1.26 cu ft. per chamber... should it be fine or should i fill it with something to get it down to the 1.02? my main concern is damaging the subs as they weren't too cheap!
  2. Ok I have 2 kicker 6x9s in my dear deck, and the right one crackles and pops when the audio is around 50% on the HU. I have both of the deck speakers running off an old 5 channel amp. I checked connections at the speaker and the amp and they seem fine.. What should I look for? I really don't want to put new speakers in there because pulling the deck out is a pain in the ass.
  3. Also, does the NEX 2300 have the pico fuse issue? how could you tell if its blown?
  4. I have 0 gauge from battery to a 2.5 farad cap, and 5 guage from the cap to the amp. the amp is grounded to the cap, which is grounded to the chassis using 0 gauge. I didn't sand down the paint or anything, so i guess ill try that next. the HU shouldnt be the issue as its a fairly new pioneer NEX. i plan on adding a second amp solemnly for the subs. and was also wondering if it would be ok to use the cap as a distribution block?
  5. Ok, so I installed a boss phantom 3700 5 channel in my car (I know, boss is generally garbage but I got a decent deal on it) anyway when I turn the key to battery on there is a slight hissing sound which only occurs when the input sensitivity is set to 200mv setting and goes away when I select the 2v to 8v setting, but I'm using RCA inputs so I would really like to use the 200mv setting as it is much louder. When I start the car there is static noise which is extremely annoying, this gets louder as I raise the volume, the hissing stays a constant volume no matter what volume the HU is set on. I don't believe it is a alternator issue as it doesn't change pitch with rpm. I have the power wire to amp on the driver side and the rca wires on passenger side, to try to avoid interference. Could this be a grounding issue? Any advice would be great.