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  1. Tactical enigma

    Quick disconnect subwoofer box

    Hey guys I decided on running 2 10" JLW0 v3-4 in a down firing sub enclosure under the back seats of my crew cab Silverado. While I love the sand of 2 10", I also travel occasionally and would want that space for luggage at that time. My question is, what would be the best way to disconnect and pull out the subwoofer enclosure. I am pretty sure the amplifier will fit deeply enough under the seat where it won't need to be removed. What is the best way to do this? Remove sub box or Amp and all? Thank you all for the help
  2. Tactical enigma

    2014 silverado subwoofer

    The amplifier that I have is the alpine mrv m-500 What way would sound better? It appears that this one does have a speaker level input. Last time I had it connected via rca
  3. Tactical enigma

    2014 silverado subwoofer

    Hey guys I wrecked my 2003 Silverado and have recently gotten a 2014 silverado. Wow things seem like they have become a lot more complicated in the stereo world with these new factory setups. I was running 2 JLW0 v3-4 on an alpine 500 watt. I was very happy with the setup as you guys reccomend it. My question is, I want to run dual downfiring 10" subs and I have no preouts and no idea what I am doing and where to start to get preouts. I want to retain the factory head unit but I want it to sound good. As a side note I have weathertech mats in the truck and am not sure if they will have any effect on subwoofer clearance. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you all for your help and knowledge Justin
  4. Tactical enigma

    Single Cab Truck

    So an update on the single cab chevy. I took the supplies to my local stereo shop and had it installed today. All I can say is wow... I really wish I hadn't wasted so much time without a setup like this. The system produces more than I could ever want (side mirror shaking). So my question for the pro's. I want to treat my new JLs with love make them last a while. Is there a break in period, or something I should know about the fresh out of the box stage? They are getting approx 265 per sub (alpine Amp factory tested around 530 watts) I love them. And I couldn't imagine my life without them lol. Thank you to all who have commented and helped me on my first journey into car audio. Your expertise is appreciated. Justin
  5. Tactical enigma

    Single Cab Truck

    OK guys! You have all been very helpful in deciding the best setup for my 2003 single cab Silverado. I have one final question: I have decided to go with the dual 10 w0v3_4 jls in a sealed box from subthump with an alpine mrv m500 Amp driving them I know you guys probably think bazooka is junk but after the installer wired them (2 6 inch bazooka tubes) up I got some really decent bass. What am I to expect going from 2 100 watt 6inch bazooka to 2 10inch with a 500 watt amp sealed. Will the jls be able to put out as much sound? Or am I compromising in areas? So sorry for the noob questions
  6. Tactical enigma

    Single Cab Truck

    That's really interesting about the middle console. I had never considered that. So it sounds like I'm not going to get to an aggressive punch level, however would the 2 behind the seat 10" (brands not decided) deliver at least a solid hit. Maybe rear view wiggle a little? As I stated before, I am new to car audio and have a pioneer mvh-s600bs in my truck right now wired to 2 bazooka bass 6.5 powered. Was looking for a harder thump than those provide. For now I am planning to use the double 10 box I bought from subthump. I don't want to buy the jl w0 if there are betters in the same range. Also I am not opposed to going up to 250 or so a sub Thank you all in advance As a side note the stereo installation guy offered to buy the bass tubes from me. Why would this be?
  7. Tactical enigma

    Single Cab Truck

    I guess if I had to throw a number out there it would be 600 t0 700 ish. I haveseen the Sundown audio subs recommended and saw Memphis in my local speaker shop. I'm not dead set on jl audio, I just want something that is going to be well rounded as I have a wide spectrum of mucical interests. When I am feeling it I would love something that would hit me in the face.I am open minded for sure and definitely willing to listen to all of you. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge on this endeavor
  8. Tactical enigma

    Single Cab Truck

    Is there any disadvantage to running the Amp at full Power pushing 250 rms to each jl audio 10w0v3-4
  9. Tactical enigma

    Single Cab Truck

    Hey guys very new to the car audio world. I have a single cab Silverado and have ordered a dual 10 inch box from subthump. My question is I was wanting to run the jl audio 10w0v3-4 in it. The box states that it has . 85 cubic feet per sub however the 10w0v3-4 states that it only needs . 65 Woukd this affect sound quality/longevity of the subwoofer. Also at 300 rms per sub, is there a good Amp recommended from the experts? Sorry for the noob questions and appreciate all of the knowledge on this forum Justin