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    Kicker 6X9 Uh-Oh

    I just got a pair of Kicker KSC 3-Way 6x9s for my 2012 Dodge Avenger.. I didn’t use the screen because the door panel has one, but after installing the second one I punctured the foam with a peg from the door panel. This hole is literally the size of a pin hole, it almost looks as if it didn’t even puncture but it did. I would post a pic but I’ll just use a period (.) to indicate the actual size of the hole lol. The other speaker sounds great, but the one I punctured sounds completely blown splattering all over the place.. I put some of that black glue stuff they sent in the box and stretched it thin before applying but it didn’t help.. I don’t even know if that was its purpose. as you can probably tell I’m quite amateur so I need some advice on how to salvage this brand new Kicker 6x9. Thanks in advance y’all!!