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  1. Thanx for the swift response, however my question was regarding the wires on the vehicle original harness, what is every wire's function? As per the aftermarket HU - unsurprisingly, there is no manual supplied with it, only a picture showing the wires on the connector labeled with their function (batt, gnd, acc, speakers and so on). btw- I guess that it should be connected to the batt (+12v) constantly and to the gnd and then connect the "acc" to the +12v in order to turn it on.
  2. Hi I own a 2012 Toyota Yaris (model NSP130) and I would like to install a double din unit that I've purchased from China. I want to install it without making any alterations in the vehicle harness, so I've purchased the two connectors that are supposed to match the connectors on the original harness. if I got it right, one connector is the radio (voltage and the speakers) and the other one is for the steering wheel controls. so, what I need to know is the function of each wire, so that I will be able to make the connections to the connector that was supplied with the new HU. Thanx