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  1. Tom Ferguson

    What is required to power 2x900w Subwoofers

    Ok, I think I understand a lot more about what I am looking for when pairing subs and amps, there is a lot to know which i didn't expect. I see that for a good quality amp that delivers the power I need are quite expensive and well above my budget of £100 😕 seeing the whole enclosure only costs £150 new. I may just save up and get a decent amp, was double checking 2nd hand amps and most of them are either those auna ones we were looking at (Which i found bad reviews elsewhere online about) and some other brands stating 1000w-1500w max with no RMS values stated, best i saw was a 1500w max amp that had 2x 750w max but no stated RMS. Thanks for your help on this
  2. Tom Ferguson

    What is required to power 2x900w Subwoofers

    Ah ok. We dont have Alphard Audio themselves but they own Deaf Bounce in the UK i think https://deafbonce.com/uk/amplifiers/ Edit Deaf bounce don't have any products online and no store in Ireland so ignore that then. Edit 2: found this which apparently is the same http://www.basshull.co.uk/product-category/car-amplifiers/
  3. Tom Ferguson

    What is required to power 2x900w Subwoofers

    So when looking for an amp to suit the subwoofer the two RMS values need to match (Or the amps needs to be higher)? I assume also that If was to use a amp that had a lower RMS I would be stressing it too much as it is above RMS constantly resulting in the situation i ended up with the amp blowing up?
  4. Tom Ferguson

    What is required to power 2x900w Subwoofers

    Yeah that one, these are a pretty popular brand here I have seen people pairing up 2x1000w (I assume max) rated auna subwoofers with their 4800w 6 channel one. https://www.auna-multimedia.co.uk/?cl=details&cnid=71369d618bed27e1db7dcc0931f14951&anid=5d7ea9b6f21c7be6f7af9f7856f4132e&varselid[0]=9f41f9f1c434718ae6e50ffba61152d0 This is kinda why im getting confused over what they actually require
  5. Tom Ferguson

    What is required to power 2x900w Subwoofers

    The brands I can see here are like Fusion, Alpine, Auna, edge, JBL. I live in Northern Ireland (basically the part of Ireland that's in the UK) The used market in Ireland is crap only amps you can really find are 200w rms at $50. Also I have seen 0 2channel amps. They are all 4 channel or more. Originally this is what i was looking at https://www.auna-multimedia.co.uk/In-Car-Entertainment/Car-Amplifiers/AB0450-4-Channel-Car-Amplifier-2400W-PMPO-Racing-Design-4-0.html?gclid=CjwKCAiA0ajgBRA4EiwA9gFOR2Luhw2xNO8LL9IvSnOJ_yhQprL7ZxXmNXQql_OCvpmoX1u8DqY_GRoC6igQAvD_BwE But i assume from what you have said that this is not suitable for my subs. Edit: Auna also have a 2 channel one at 1200w max power for slightly more than that one
  6. Tom Ferguson

    What is required to power 2x900w Subwoofers

    Yeah that's like 2 weeks wages for me so I'll not be able to afford that unfortunately. If that's the kind of amp that would be required to run them does that mean the stock amp that came with it was likely not powering them much at all?? The whole unit new costs <$200 here and i was just looking to kinda resurrect it
  7. Tom Ferguson

    What is required to power 2x900w Subwoofers

    I have 2 of those speakers yes, I got them from this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Edge-Audio-Amplified-Subwoofer-Enclosure/dp/B007MA7BLM But the older model of that.
  8. Tom Ferguson

    What is required to power 2x900w Subwoofers

    They are ED512A, 8Ohm. Says 900w on front and "Edge Street Series". One of the older models i think (Same speaker thats in this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Edge-EDB12A-Active-Car-Speakers/dp/B0031HP8B0)
  9. Hi, I had an EDGE 1800w Subwoofer with built in amplifier only recently the amp died (Completely burnt out multiple components as it went on fire....oops) I managed to salvage the 2x900w Subs and tested them to check they were still working (They are :D) Only issue now is I need a new amplifier and I am unsure what is required to actually power these, I know I need at least an 1800w amp to fully utilize the subwoofers but I heard about amps only outputting a certain amount to each speaker (2000w over 4 channels meaning only 500w per speaker). I have seen some other posts about 2 channel and 4 channel amps but am unsure the difference between them (4 channel appears to be cheaper and I am on a budget) Any help on which type of amp I should get would be greatly appreciated. Thanks