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  1. mwilder95

    Cheap power

    Weeks not freaks 😂
  2. mwilder95

    Cheap power

    For a few freaks it will be. Big 3 is done I’m either going to get a bigger alt or a big battery up front. Both will be done when I can afford it. I can’t do it all at one lick
  3. mwilder95

    Cheap power

    Looking for something to put on my sundown audio z18 v.4 it’s a dual 2ohm. My budget is $260. I’m looking at the skar audio rp 2000.1d and the wolfram c2400.1. Any other suggestions? Which is my better option
  4. mwilder95

    What series sub is this

    They are 2508’s appreciate it guys
  5. mwilder95

    What series sub is this

    My buddy pretty much gave me these things and he couldn’t remember if they were a 1500 series or a 2500 series. I looked under the magnet boot but the sticker was faded on both of them.