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  1. Appreciate the feedback. I’m the BMW’s, you can’t really sway from the stock HU. It doesn’t have a DIN or double DIN, but rather it’s a small tablet sitting on top of the dash that half the vehicle is controlled through. Otherwise that woulda been my starting point.
  2. Hi Everyone, Local shop recently installed some additional goodies, but didn't help much with tuning the system. Hoping y'all can answer some questions based on the settings they gave me and logic around what they did or didn't do. Background info Vehicle: 2018 BMW X3 with Harmon Kardon system HU: stock Front Mids/Tweeters: Focal IFBMW-S Front woofer: Focal IFBMW-SUBv2 (under seats in stock location) Rear speakers: stock Subs: 2 x JL Audio 10TW3-D4 in a custom sealed box - Installed previously by shop with an LC2i Amplifier/DSP: JL Audio VX600/6i Amplifier (subs): Alpine PDX-M12 (installed in such a stealth location I cannot access/see crossover/gain settings) - Installed previously by shop Factory integration: Mobridge M1000-M-DA1 Questions: I understand the basics of car audio and have done some simple tuning of my home theater using Room EQ Wizard and a UMIK-1 microphone, but I'm far from an advanced user, so take it easy on me. Parts of the stereo sound better with the new equipment. The subs are better tuned; there's no overly obnoxious frequencies anymore, but there's still stuff that just seems off. It sounds okay, but I feel like it sometimes doesn't blend well together, highs can sometimes be more harsh than I'd like and midbass appears to be lacking (i'm aware that the 8" woofers in the stock locations may not provide the best mid-bass). I assume it just needs some EQ. I connected a PC up to the JL Audio amp expecting to see crossovers, equalizer settings, etc. What I found was attached screenshot containing crossovers, time alignment, and levels. Based on the equipment, do those crossovers make sense (i'm clueless when it comes to setting crossovers at the best of times)? I've never used a Mobridge product and am just realizing (as I pasted the link above) that it does some DSP stuff as well as the JL amp. I was surprised to not see the subwoofer crossovers/time alignment within the JL amp. This could have been done on the alpine amp (crossovers at least - can't tell cause it's so stealthily installed) or within the Mobridge (just learned I could connect a PC up - have yet to do so). Where would you have done the crossovers/related for them? Is there any reason this couldn't have been done within the JL Amp (with the rest of the speakers)? I don't know that the Mobidge device is easily accessible, but can I connect up a USB cable to it and expect to read the current settings without overwriting anything (unless I choose to make changes - unlikely - just trying to understand things really)? According to the documentation, they imply there's a save-as button to backup settings (this would be my first course of action - software doesn't currently appear to run on my PC - it opens and immediately closes so my knowledge is limited at this point) Based on the setup, would you expect any DSP related settings to have been done in the Mobridge at all? Any other advice or concerns you would have? I'll likely stop into the shop tomorrow to ask some of these same questions, but I'm trying to get a little more educated before I do. My original plan was to take a laptop with REW, UMIK-1 mic and a pink noise mono file/generator to start doing some measurements and EQ via the JL Audio Tun software, but I may need some assistance with the above before I dive into that. None the less, I have questions: I've got both a 90 degree calibration file and a regular. I've read some documentation that suggests having the mic at ear level pointing straight up (using the 90 degree file). I've read other info that suggests hold the mic in a figure-8 pattern? Any suggestions to what is the best method here? I found THIS link which appears to answer all of my how-to questions for tuning...for now Thanks in advance to anyone that took the time to read!