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    Jeep Wrangler Speakers

    I have a 2011 2 door Jeep Wrangler with no stock amp installed and am fairly new to the car audio scene. I am looking to upgrade the components in the front and the coaxials in the roll bar. I have an Apline PDX-V9 amp and was looking for recommendation on the speakers.I was looking at the follwoing:From an ideal budget perspective:Hertz ESK 165 & ECX 165Alpine R-S65c & R-S65Polk MM6502 & MM652I would prefer to put in, but not sure if its in the budget:Hertz HSK\MPK 165 & HCx\MPX 165Audison AV K5 & AV X6.5The only ones I was able to hear were the Audison hooked up to an Audison class A\B amp and they sounded amazing. I was wondering what speakers anyone would recommend based on their experience. If I settle on any of the speakers from my ideal budget, will I be disappointed. I was also looking to doing the install myself, but an not sure if any of the speakers would fit my Jeep, or if they in dash pods and roll bar can be modified to accommodate any of the speakers. I also have a credit to one of the big box stores so the Polks and Alpines would not cost me anything out of pocket, but I do not want to sacrifice quality because of that.I am also open to any suggestions to other recommendations (such as Focal, Morel, PG, CDT) and appreciate any feedback.