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  1. not sure if i run it upside down and how cut the port with the mat and how exit wire if i put the sub in...
  2. patatewz

    highest efficiency amp and sub combo for 100 amp

    i got the saz-1200d used here for 200$ (150us) with the remote. seem to be a good little amp. will give you a review when i will plug it.
  3. to much to do today so i only finish to screw and glue the last panel. and i work for the rest of the week. maybe try to make the big hole after work tomorow. slowly but its fun to take time i keep you updatated.
  4. patatewz

    highest efficiency amp and sub combo for 100 amp

    http://www.sundownaudio.com/index.php/products/discontinued/item/saz-1200d i just go one like this. i will give it a try.
  5. my motor its a little 80000w
  6. 24000w/h 400v 150amp its big juice
  7. not possible because the 400v is not accesible. nissan block the hight voltage for safety by firmware.
  8. 4000$ the dc dc converter... so i need to be very cauttionus i glued and srewed the box tonigh. tomorow i will make the hole and add the carpeting. im not realy sure it will fit in the trunk too i think it will be necesary to remove my wiper motor in the backp to keep my rear seat and close the trunk... i will send you picture and the end of the day. thanks a lot again.
  9. someone on the internet tell me if i use two yellow top batteries one in front and one in back and if i connect a big amp like 5000w at the back, my alternator on front will be protect from big surge draw its correct? i will use one 0 gauge between the 2 12v+ and a other 0 gauge between the 2 12v-. and connect my amp at 12v+ in the back and connet the amp 12v- at the body of my car. do i need to ground the 12v- from the backp battery to my car body too? thanks!
  10. thanks for advice. i dont know ohm of my sub i know its a d2 coil. i will check it with my meter.
  11. any advise before i clue and screw this box? thanks!