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    Odd head unit action-title scrolls one time, stops

    Gonna give that a try...but not too soon. More important matters have popped up. Thanks for your feedback!
  2. Mike Reese

    Odd head unit action-title scrolls one time, stops

    Thanks for replying...yes, that album, well, all of them have ID3 tags. All of them. I'm now thinking it's some fluke with the unit. I went through the tags again, checked them with my MP3 editor, again, and some that previously showed proper album art didn't, even though I didn't change them in that last check. I'm still wondering, though..
  3. I have a 'Ebay' special Chinese made head unit in my old car (a '01 Accord, desperation buy) with touchscreen, bluetooth, etc... well, since I've had it. it works well enough for my purposes, and I like the mp3 tags showing on screen, but long song titles and such don't show in full. Not a problem. BUT. Just yesterday I put new music on the USB drive I have for it, and on ONE album, and just that one, the titles started to scroll!! The next album? No. I took the USB drive and looked at the files in my PC. Nothing different from the first time I put them on there. So I put the drive back...and the titles on that album DID NOT scroll this time. I'm not losing sleep over it, but do any of you have an idea of what happened here?