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  1. Hi I'm having issues installing an aftermarket stereo into my car, and I would be hugely grateful if anyone can help me make sense of this. I'm a complete beginner, although I've been doing my best to research and learn all I can. I have a 2006 seat ibiza fr 1.9tdi, type 6L. I purchased a connects2 steering wheel interface (CTSST002.2) along with the pioneer MVH-X580BT stereo. My plan was to also install amp, sub and possibly new speakers after this. I researched on the seat forums and this should have just been plug in and play, I definitely have the right connector apparently. Plugged it in and nothing, stereo dead. Checked the harness with my multimeter and there is 12v through the yellow wire (constant 12v) but 0v through the red wire (ignition live). Checked the factory harness and can't find a 12v ignition live on it (factory stereo stays on without key in ignition), there should be a 12v ignition live according to wiring diagrams online but there isn't. If I connect the red wire on the connects2 harness along with the yellow it works, but the radio won't turn off and will drain battery. I'm guessing my cars wiring is different because it's french, otherwise I don't know why it's not the same as everyone else's. So I figured I need to get a 12v ignition live from somewhere else. Took apart the centre console and tapped into the cigarette lighter's live wire and attached it to the connects2 red wire. This worked when I turned the key to the accessories position, but when I tried to start the car everything went dead. Turned the key off and on and the needles jumped about 9 times quickly and there was a clicking sound. I thought this might just be a dead battery so I jumped it off my mum's car and it started, took it for a drive but the engine management light was on and when I tried to start it itself it was dead like before. I was worried I may have done something to the ECU or immobilizer although I don't know how, I guess something to do with the grounding, car seemed to know something was up, I don't know why this could be? So then I put it all back as it was before and thankfully it all seems fine, but I'm still stuck with the original stereo. The only other thing I can think of to try is a piggy back fuse adaptor in the fusebox sending an ignition live wire to the stereo. I'm just worried though the same thing will happen, and I don't want to cause any electrical damage!! If I try this it's just a live wire and it's grounded through the factory harness? Or if not, maybe sending the yellow 12v constant to some sort of toggle on/off switch, then joining that up to the red and yellow wires on connects2 adapter, to turn the power on and off from the switch? I've reached a point where I'm just so confused and I don't know what to try, or what is going wrong. I would be enormously grateful if anyone can make any sense of this? I know it's a lot to read through, I hope it is clear. Thanks again!!