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  1. Hello all. First, let me provide some history regarding this issue. A while back, my boss gave me an old ORION XTR900 amp which he was no longer in use. This amp was pulled by my boss about 15 years ago, and at the time, he assured me it was working great (was paired with an HCCA 10.) The amp then sat untouched on a shelf for the past 15 years in a climate controlled environment. Recently, my boss found said HCCA 10' sub while cleaning, and gave me this as well. I proceeded to buy a 4AWG wiring kit, and spent the entirely of a Sunday installing all of this eqpt in my Mk4 Golf. All was going well until... the amp just flat out refused to work. All wiring, grounds, settings, and inputs were verified. Nothing. Took the amp into my work (computer shop) and proceeded to disassemble it. Broke the previously virgin warrantly label, so I am the first person to ever open this amp. Inside was predictably immaculate. No signs of water damage. All solder joints were great. Voltage rails were good. all MOSFETs were getting good current. The power LED simply refused to light. Light was not getting any voltage. Puzzled thusfar, I decided to hook up a random JBL 4ohm sub driver torn from a 2.1channel computer speaker kit onto the right channel of the amp. Gave the amp power and signal, and out of nowhere after a few seconds, BURRP! the sub recieved several completely random and sparratic signals.. Power LED in the amp never lit during this process. I turned down my volumes, let the amp sit for a minute, and cut the power supply back on (also jumped to the remote input on the amp telling it to turn on.) After a second, I heard something strange. The sub produced a full frequency sweep, starting from roughly 200Hz down the frequency spectrum until inaudible. It then began to play the music I was inputting into the amp, clear as day. Still no power on the LED. I proceeded to *slowly* turn up the input volume. Sub started moving, then, out of nowhere, same thing as before. Completely random burps of signal coming from the amp. After this, no signal comes from the amp. I have to turn it off and let it cool down before I can repeat the above described process, which I have done about 5 times now. Same thing happens every time. WTF is going on? Where do I start? This amp was functioning perfectly normal when pulled. How did it kill itself just sitting over time? Does anyone have or know of where I can obtain a wiring schematic for an XTR900? Is this being caused by a chip on the board? A capacitor? Anything would be great! I simply am at a loss for how to troubleshoot this issue. Thanks! Gabe