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  1. I Have a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited half way set up for show, and I am wanting to upgrade the subs. Only thing that works good in the jeep is a Down fire it never has a top or doors on it. Currently running 2 8w3v3 subs in a sealed .61cu' box. Sound good but I need more. Was looking at adding 2 more 8's for a total of 4 8's and switching to ported on WINisd the lines look good I feel. They will be in one box with 2 chambers 2 subs in each chamber. Each chamber will have 1.0cu' and tuned to 33hz and 250watts to each sub. My Scare is with it being a down fire (subs and port facing the floor with only a frontal release) It may turn Something that looks good on a screen to a Poorly tuned half assed 6th order bandpass due to it being a downfire. My other option would be to pony up a bunch of cash and go for 2 JL 12w6's in as sealed down fire like I have the 8's in now. Any thoughts on this? Thanks!