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  1. Gotyoulooking

    Random Picture Thread

    agree with the tt's statement, but on the other hand if we all use the tape used to hold that bulge our cables would be nice and secure for life, lol.
  2. Gotyoulooking

    SQ Vs SLP Real life applications

    Well winter is in full effect here and there’s no way sounddeadning the vehicle outside it’s gonna work. So for now I’ll stick to making the best I can till it’s warm, then it will be getting a good treatment. Guess I’m just gonna look for some 2ohm speakers to make the most out the amp I have connected them to. Just waiting on some hardware for the box build and can’t wait to put that in and fill the bass void I have going on right now. Also I think the position on the door speakers themselves it’s whats holding the sound back, since they are tucked all the way under and fowards. Thanks guys.
  3. Gotyoulooking

    SQ Vs SLP Real life applications

    I guess my thought was that while searching for answers, I’ve never really see people looking for components or coax speakers that reach high audio levels. Mostly are just concerned about the spl of the subs, since this is what’s used for competition. Just can’t see my self with a system where the bass would over power the voice and mids for a daily driver.
  4. Gotyoulooking

    SQ Vs SLP Real life applications

    As I sit here and wonder what speakers and sub combination will giver me what I want, the more I read and educate my self and get even more confused!. I've found my self looking for answers to questions only the person writing can understand. Common example that I've seen here often are, what coaxial speaker are the loudest, or what sub's will give me the more bass. One thing I have managed to notice is, everyone seem to talk about the two separate systems separately. No one ever gets an answer for a balanced system. Its always either amp with XXX sub's or amp and XXX components. Why you must create this topic?, Well as I sit here looking for answers in the search bar I cant find anything to suit my needs, and my 1st attempt at it did not gather enough attention for anyone to chime in and give their opinion. So this is my second attempt. What speakers and what power do I need to have a good and Loud sound system that sounds good even at a distance from the car/truck?
  5. The mustang was the car I bought the speakers for back in the day and ran them in there, and yeah getting it in was a pita. They are going in the 01 Cherokee XJ. Crazy to think I used to power 2 6x9 and both subs with my RF P800.4. Now I’m using the P800.4 for 4 - 6 1/2 Db652 and got the T1500 for the subs.
  6. I might just build a sealed for now and see how they sound since I have the power to push them and that's what I had in back of the mustang. Any chance you can point me in the right direction on the dimensions of the box? I still will like to mess with a ported one by taking my time and building and hearing the difference.
  7. Are they ok? Seems pretty leveled, the right one is a lil bit of sag but not that much.
  8. The dim of the truck are 43”w, 32”d and about 3’h. I had them since new, used for about 6 months then stored. They still look new, will take pics when home.
  9. I was planning on getting one custom build but the cheapest quote for a 2 12” box tuned at 35hz was 350.00, so I’ve decided to build it my self, at those prices I can afford to mess up many times as I go lol. This will go in the back of a 01 Cherokee XJ. Speakers are 2 RF D2212 powerd by a RF T1500-DBCP I just purchased. Will be running them @4ohm. The recommendations are in the attachment but I’m using 2, so does that mean just double everything? I’m new to box building so any suggestions it appreciated. Amp arrives in 2 days so I’ll be shopping for the mats ASAP. Thanks
  10. Gotyoulooking

    Jeep XJ audio upgrade

    So I need some opinions and suggestions. I have an 01 Jeep Cherokee that I'm upgrading the sound system. Nothing crazy, just looking for something I can enjoy while getting from A to B and maybe cranking it up once in a while for when in the mood. The jeep came with a Kenwood KDC-352U HU, and stock speakers. I changed the speakers last year to 4 Polk DB652 6.5 coaxial, sounded better but not very good at high volume. So last week, after looking here at articles and post, I decided to put in my old Rockford Punch 800.4 amp. Bought the RFK4D amp kit and installed it, plus routed new speaker wires. Huge difference but now I'm lacking bass. I have 2 12" RF Punch HX2 RFD2212 that I had paired with my amp in the early 00's. So my questions are as follows 1- The volume on the HU is very low until it goes to 22 (35 max), how can I get it to go up gradually from 0 to 35? 2- I tuned it the best I could, amp crossover set @ 85 and my gains are at maybe 45 with bass punch boost at 0. will it be ok to crank it to 30+ without blowing a speaker? 3- Looking to buy and amp so I can hook up my 2 12's, so should I leave the RF P800.4 amp on the speakers or place it for the sub? Thanks Amp https://www.crutchfield.com/S-erpbwxMyKyk/p_575G18004/Rockford-Fosgate-Punch-800-4.html Subs https://www.crutchfield.com/p_575RFD2212/Rockford-Fosgate-Punch-HX2-RFD2212.html HU https://www.crutchfield.com/p_113KDC352U/Kenwood-KDC-352U.html Speakers https://www.crutchfield.com/p_107DB652/Polk-Audio-DB-652.html