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  1. Gotyoulooking

    Best battery $$ wise

    I know but the problem is the closest sams to me is in jersey. A trip to it would include $20 gas, about $20 in tolls, plus the membership fee $45, and then the battery $180.00. That comes out to $265 not incl taxes if there’s any.
  2. Gotyoulooking

    I need help...

    Seems like they are already wired up from factory for a 2ohm load so all you need to do is hook the + - to the amp and your good to go. Set the gains right with some test tones and the head unit at 75% volume and your good to go. Assuming your amp is a mono 2ohm stable one, I didn’t find any info on a 650 but the 500 series would work.
  3. Gotyoulooking

    Best battery $$ wise

    Damn, only problem is I’m a Costco and Bj’s member
  4. Looking to add a secondary battery in the trunk of my truck. Have the wires all sorted out for a upgrade but can’t find a battery that won’t break the bank. What are your recommendations for a secondary battery for a 2k watt system. Have extra LED bars and pods on the JX and upgraded the healight harness already.
  5. Gotyoulooking

    cheap deck

    I got it as a gift and I’m impressed. Other than not having a CD it’s a good deck for the price. I took my time a while back and just transferred all my cd’s to a 64bit usb and the search function on the deck is easy to flip through all the folders. It’s so tiny and light I was in shock lol. Yeah they give you a free kit, it’s cheap but it will do the job.
  6. Gotyoulooking

    cheap deck

    https://www.crutchfield.com/p_105KDX360B/JVC-KD-X360BTS.html Has all the features you need and then some
  7. a good way to check your grounds in the back. Just add any wire to the negative post of the battery and test your grounding points
  8. Gotyoulooking

    Crossover advice

    If you get in that deep of mud consider moving all your speakers on top and the highest point you can place your amps. I’ve seen a couple people rocking 4 6.5 on the headliner by adding another headliners speaker pods right on top of the front seats. Love seeing all these XJ’s getting some love
  9. Gotyoulooking

    PRV Audio 6MR500-NDY-4 6-1/2 VS Apocalypse AP-M60A v2

    How’s their range? Looking for something for a lil bit upper mids range, don’t need more bass. Oh, I see the one you have have a lower hz range.
  10. PRV Audio 6MR500-NDY-4 6-1/2 Apocalypse AP-M60A v2 6-1/2 Anyone have any experience with these? Do they have the capability to run as full range or was tweeters needed to fill pass the 12.5k Hz range? Just looking at all options here. What would you choose and why?
  11. Gotyoulooking

    SQ Vs SLP Real life applications

    I’m thinking of the second battery till the summer and I’m able to go to a pull it yard and get the 160 alt. Bad thing is I got a brand new duralast gold battery a couple months ago, can just add any agm in the trunk and be ok with the acid one for startups?
  12. Gotyoulooking

    SQ Vs SLP Real life applications

    Nice, yeah they the best and last for ever.
  13. Gotyoulooking

    SQ Vs SLP Real life applications

    Before anything research XJ electrical problems, one of the things you’ll find is the limited alternator options. I got lucky and have a 124amp from factory, but I’m planning on changing it to a 160amp with some grinding of the mounting bracket. Then you must do the Big 3. XJ’s are known for poor quality wires, or from my experience, the factory wires don’t have many strands and with our vehicles age become brittle and has a potential for cracking. Do the big 3 run all new speaker wires and see from there if you need a bigger alt. What year is yours? So far I’ve done the big 3, all new speaker wires to doors and back headliner pods. I get small dips here and there but nothing crazy. Look a my sig for what I have so far. Will be looking for comps down the line though.
  14. Gotyoulooking

    Are JVC's crap stereos?

    It’s all I’ve known since it came out, tried an android and was so lost. Good thing my phones last (knock on wood). Upgraded last year when the X came out from a 5S. So I got my $$ worth out of them.