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    Car amp and sub setup

    if possible, borrow an amp from a mate and run your subwoofer for a week to see how it behaves. If that amp also gets too hot then; You may be using a lighter gauge wiring for the amp; suggest you upgrade to 1/0 gauge power, ground wires; if you are unsure of your amps specs / requirements, read the manual to verify its ok to run 2 gauge or you will have to upgrade. The amp only gets hot under normal conditions if the power consumption is not met, Usually, under normal circumstances, it should get warm, but not hot so you can only put your hands on it for a few seconds. That definitely is an indication of not enough (current) amps is drawn by the amp and continued use will definitely shorten the life of your amp. Also allow for adequate ventilation around the amp as well. a big trunk area should be sufficient for ventilation and you will not require additional fans to keep it cool provided it is not obstructed by shopping bag, golf bag, garbage bag stash of vintage girly magazines etc.. Its very important to run the correct gauge wires as recommended by the amp manual or if you are not sure, ring up car audio shops who sell that brand to verify correct wire gauge used. Take care of your equipment and it will serve you in years to come.

    Rockford Fosgate amp turns off when moving

    Is your amp and subwoofer box secured or is it just moving around in the trunk area? Put up a pic here so we can make a better assumption. Use your multimeter to check voltage / resistance, ground. RCA, remote wires are all secure. Would also advise you take your subwoofer out and check the terminals if they are not touching wires inside. (short-circuit)

    Identifying old mtx sub

    With those old school subwoofer, they would suit larger size box and given its a 15 inch, go for at least 2.5 cu ft box , ported with 4 inch port x 9 inch length, should make it sound good mate!

    6,5" vs 8" vs 12" What will play louder?

    When it comes to chasing the 'how loud' factor, then the laws of physics come into play but in simple terms, cone area and bigger box size will give you more bass. You can go loud with sealed as well, but if your primary aim is efficiency with a single subwoofer, then go the largest driver with the biggest ported box you can accommodate in your trunk area and you will be grinning all the way home! The ported enclosure also makes the box more efficient and requires less power to get the required result.

    Identifying old mtx sub

    Agree mate, same here I had many old school gear so I have never actually bought any new gear the past 20 years as they are still going strong! Like current market / consumer trends, they have to move with the times. Titanium tweeters does not appeal to the current mainstream consumers so they invest their money elsewhere where money is being spent. You know what, good thing about those UHDTV is they are damn heavy so very hard to steal. I say buy the biggest one you can afford so no a..hole can steal it, even with 2 people, still have to be gentle or it will get damaged!

    Identifying old mtx sub

    What's your impression on the new MTX gear. I guess they just seem to follow the rest of the world as the trend has changed in car audio due to integrated head units and better 'premium ' sound packages available to consumer today. Still the speaker department and tiny amp is where they save money on as its all hidden from sight.

    Identifying old mtx sub

    Nice to know a legend is still amongst us! That MTX Jack Hammer subwoofer is still a legendary product even at todays standards!

    Identifying old mtx sub

    The code gives it away mate. The 15rd954. Its a Road Thunder 15 inch series, made in 1995 and its 4 ohms. If you plan to use it then give it a clean and seal the hole in the surround using salistic / guey silicone based black tar looking glue. Just apply a dab from the back of the woofer cone so you cannot see it from the front. You may have to seal the tear with some glue first before you apply the black glue. Also the dust cap seems to be giving away so seal that with super glue as well! Now as long as the voice coil is all good, it should give you years of enjoyment in your car, home or man cave!

    Identifying old mtx sub

    Mate, if you are daring, just get a screw driver and open one up to see the driver. MTX made good gear back in the day, (showing my age here!) But jokes aside, do open one just to take a look. I remember, Cerwin Vega 'red surround' series the XL series were used in PA systems as well and they were made to be used in vehicles as well! MTX has always been a great brand, but I am not sure if the old guy still owns the company, (forgot his name now) but back in the day, MTX rivaled Rockford Fosgate with a variety of gear from entry level, to flagship ground pounding subwoofers., in the late 90's
  10. DRBOOM

    New to forum, subwoofer location question!

    Hey buddy! Thanks for raising your question. When it comes to subwoofer box and placing, only you can decide how big or small you wanna go, from boxed or under seat subwoofer to a 'walled' dual pair of 15's, as it comes down to what you are trying to achieve as we cannot dictate that for you here. From your posts, it seems you are just after a little 'bump' in your system so you are focusing on utilizing the available space available in your vehicle, so it seems all you have left to do is visit a reputable car audio shop, advise the sales person that you have say, 300watts - 500watts to accommodate for a dedicated subwoofer(s) in your ride. Again, if you are after SQ focused system where you want the subwoofer to blend in well with your front speakers or you would like the extra boom in such case a pair of 8's would be better option as you get 3db more bass for every additional subwoofer or double amplifier power. Then you would have to option of purchasing a prefab box that snugly fits in the required space, something some brands such as JL Audio may make to fit your ride. Lastly, it comes down to your current budgeting so we cannot advise you here. Its what you ultimately trying to achieve, is the main point here. Money always comes last as you have a choice of either brand new gear or even some local second hand gear you may troll the net to find some! Personally, If I had your ride, I would 'WALL' behind the front seats, just to stir other people and annoy them by penetrating bass at the lights, only joking mate! Its what you want from your bass needs and the music you listen to so you get to enjoy the most out of your system. The sales person would love to steer you to buy a pair of 15's so make sure what you want before you can pushed to buy something you did not want before you stepped inside the car audio shop. Good luck with your quest and let us know how you went and maybe a pic would be nice as well. Cheers!
  11. DRBOOM

    Subwoofer weird rattling

    Having looked at your video, looks like an IB install. With IB, unfortunately, things will begin to rattle as you increase the volume so best you can do is to apply sound deadening / padding to all areas that come in contact with the chassis. Seems you are using stock location with external amplifier. I say you will need to spend more time and effort on the sound deadening behind the subwoofer and it can be a tedious process but the end result is definitely worth while.
  12. DRBOOM

    Subwoofer weird rattling

    OK, try with polyfill and use a lit candle to go around the corners, could be a hairline crack which is causing the buzz as it may not be seen by the naked eye! . I had that issue before, was hard to see it until I ran the sub on the garage bench and went around it with a candle and there it was...leaked air tried to blow the candle out!
  13. Yes, that's right, usually the stock speakers only have a 1/4 inch thin foam, the one in the picture is a good one!
  14. You did not mention sound deadening in your doors. The absence of this product poses a dramatic outcome to any after market you place on your doors. Attend to this in your ride and please include the back speaker grill used to prevent water damage to the speaker cone /magnet area and use the stock foam surround that is used in front of the speaker cone when you remove the door trim. All these factors contribute to a stronger mid-bass presence in the front stage. After you do this and still not satisfied with the speakers performance, then you can look into alternative component speakers. I have found that entry level components have a brighter tweeter so the downside to this is it may seem like the mid-bass is lacking when you put it together and test it out. I know for a fact that Fusion encounter speakers are notorious for this but not sure if you have this brand in US. Let us know how you go mate!
  15. Oh, the pics I posted was doing a false floor hence the 4x2 timber that was added with 'liquid nails' and then plywood attached over it.