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    I need more. It's not loud enough.

    Hey mate, if you are after more volume in your ride then go audition a few components with high sensitivity so they will be more efficient and will get loud without you turning up the knob too high. I would recommend JL Audio or Kicker even Pioneer are better contenders. It also depends on what brands your local car audio shop has. You can go Focals but I have found the European brands tend to have a flatter sound for my liking. Hertz components are another contender so is Audison and Morel speakers. Best to go listen to some and then you can haggle the salesperson to give you a good deal. Later mate!

    whats the best perk of your job (or jobs)

    I get to work from home office, able to claim percentage of tax for electricity, water/ amenities. I do get the opportunity to travel to my remote office and get paid allowance for it which helps with the bills but that is not the best part. The cream of it all is being with my family and doing my things in between as well.

    Need Help with a new build

    If space is your issue then I agee with THATpurpleKush. Give it a run but a separate class D subwoofer amp will give you more power then the 5 channel amp and with subwoofers, its the box that makes the difference and the size does matter if you want more then a 'thump' in your system. Good to know you have some woodworking skills to churn out a box so that's saving money on your part. Give it a run for a week and if you are still not happy then upgrade to a larger subwoofer that works well in minimal space. I can understand downsizing from the T2's to 8 inch is a big difference but its always good to change things after a while and less pressure on your ears as well!
  4. ok, the PAC is a high to low converter which simply converts speaker signal into RCA output that connects to your sub amplifier. The'thud you hear is just ground loop from the voltage drop in the system. So you have checked all wiring and only thing you suspect is the PAC high to low inverter. I would suggest the following: check your pac inverter to see its wired correctly; check your remote wire from your head unit (blue one) that run from your head unit to turn the sub amp on; check your power/ ground wires on your sub amp and check the fuse on the positive wire that connects to the battery; Let us know if the issue still persists so we can help further mate!

    Subwoofer problem HELP!

    Hey mate, so it works sometimes and when you turn on, it does not work. Sounds like a loose remote (blue) wire issue but could also be the amplifier. I suggest you check the following: when you turn your stereo on, check if the amplifier switches on as well, if it does not, then most likely a loose remote wire connection; if your amp goes on and the sub does not play, then it could be a loose connection inside the subwoofer box / subwoofer connection; check that out too! Lastly, If the problem still persists, then you may be required to check your connections behind your Alpine unit; including the remote (blue) turn on wire that goes to your amp; If the issue still remains, then it could also be faulty RCA cable as well, use a multimeter for resistance; use multimeter to check subwoofer wiring as well so it gives you a clean reading before you take subwoofer out; also check RCA connections behind the Alpine head unit and the amp as well; Its only a minor issue and hopefully you will rectify it soon mate! Good luck and let us know if its resolved.
  6. Good to know, its all trial and error but sometimes it comes down to faulty equipment. Good to know you are jamming now mate!
  7. Mate, if you state you have correct AWG power wires to suit your amp, please check your Ground terminal, from battery all the way to your amplifier distribution block that attaches to the vehicle chassis, as this can get loose over time and cause issues. Remember power travels from negative to positive hence the 12V negative ground theory!

    What amp should I get

    Yeah man, you need to advised you want to pound the pavement or more an SQ dude! Also please provide us the model number of your subwoofers so we know its single or dual voice coils. Also your ride so we know its not space restricted in size. Cheers mate!

    Random Picture Thread

    Those are deep fried bugs in Phuket, mate, not actually seafood! I remember paying a dollar to take the pic.
  10. DRBOOM

    Random Picture Thread

    Thank you Slo_Ride! Glad to contribute to the thread, mate!