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  1. Just wanted to say I got rid of engine whine and brake pedal beeps by running a new ground. Still have slight static at all times. Going to test my alternator to see if it's ok otherwise I'm thinking that the unit I had in there that worked fine had pre amp speaker rca ports. The new unit just has regular wires (that I'm guessing are not pre amp). Any way to change this? Or any other ideas maybe?
  2. Hi everyone. I don't know as much as you guys so thought I would ask where I should turn. I'm installing a new head unit in a 2007 Yukon Denali XL and I'm having a problem with two sound issues First is there is a static noise that comes from every source, as soon as the unit turns on. If the volume is muted then it will go away. Second is there is an engine whine noise along with beeps that come through when the brake is applied. I had a Kenwood unit in the vehicle before and the static sounds was not there but the slight engine whine and beeps were there. I'm guessing this is tell different issues. I think the static issue has to do with the factory amp or something I think the engine whine is something else I have tried running a new ground for the unit and it didn't change anything. I think I need to try bypassing the factory Bose amp (all the speakers have been replaced anyways) how is this done?