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  1. My friend swears by hifonix amps. Says they are hella powerful and tough as hell. I have taken my chances and went against what he said and I bough a massive audio nx4 and it was broken right out of the box. I just put it in last night and took it out today. He also said not to buy anything Fosgate but I did, the sixty.3 t800.4 1.5 pps4-tweeters , 4-6.5 pps4-6, 4-pps4-8s. The 3sixty.3 was junk also right out of the box and cost me a small fortune. So I’m on strike 2. One more thing goes bad I’m scrapping the whole thing and getting hifonix speakers and amps and kicker subs. Pisses me off because it took a lot of time to do the wiring and install to just tear it back out!
  2. proatv13

    Rockford Fosgate 3six

    So the guys from Fosgate said that the bottom Rlink port was for future options that just never were made. I messed around with mine a little bit more and can’t figure it out and I got no remote power coming out and the light on top of the thing stays red but put it back out of the truck put it on the workbench plugged into a battery to make sure I had good power if you don’t plug in any of the remote wires Then the emblem on top flashes white like two times and then turns off and is soon as you plug in the remote power it starts blinking red and blue and doesn’t stop or it stays solid red. I called customer support today and they said that there’s something wrong with it and I could send it in for like 260 bucks and get a replacement. Sucks because I’ve never even used the damn thing here in the chicken shit on then the emblem on top flashes white like two times and then turns off and is soon as you plug in the remote power it starts blinking red and blue and doesn’t stop or it stays solid red. I called customer support today and they said that there’s something wrong with it and I could send it in for like 260 bucks and get a replacement. Sucks because I’ve never even used the damn thing yet end it took a shit on me. So now I am 650+ in the hole and stuck deciding if I want to spend the 250 and get another one and hope it’s good or cut my losses and either not get a new one at all or go with a different brand. I’m also curious if I use the high-level inputs if that will make a difference or not. Because I guess it turns on the amps when it gets signal from the radio or some shit so you don’t have to hook the remote wire to it? I don’t quite recall now. Either way it f*****g sucks I’ve been working on this thing for over a year and dumped a grip of money into it for something like this to just not even work out the box is frustrating I also found out Last night that my brand new massive audio and nx4 is shit right out the box to! So far I know the first channel doesnt work And the second channel is soon as you plug in just the negative wire for your speaker the f*****g thing turns on doesn’t make a difference with the power side of the wire In or not it sound the same. I haven’t checked the rear channels on it yet because I didn’t have enough of those little adapters to bypass the 360 but the amp also has alternator hum So loud it’s ridiculous.
  3. Whats up fellas, so I bought a 3sixty.3 quite a while ago and finally got around to wiring everything up on the new system. Everything is hooked up now except The speaker wires. What I noticed right away is when I turn on the blue lights on the remote control for the 360 turn on for a few seconds then turn off and do not turn back on at all. The light on top of the 360 itself stays lit the whole time time but as far as the remote control everything is off on it. I don’t know if it’s making sound yet or not because speakers are Not plugged in. What I’m wondering is if I possibly get a piece of shit Straight out the box for 650. Ok the second reason for this post Is I want to know Why there is 2 RF llink ports. Do they both do something different? Can you look up to remotes? I have put some pretty hardcore Time into this install and a lot of time in the remote location Itself. I think for one of the style Chevys it is the coolest install I’ve seen this far.I think for one of the style Chevys it is the coolest install I’ve seen this far. ( yes I know I have red wire being used as a ground. It’s all I had left and didn’t want to blow another dollar on the wire after doing all 0ga! From the battery to the capacitor is 0 ga And from the capacitor to distributing block is zero as well. From there I was going to run 0ga to the amp but they only take 4ga anyways so I figured it shouldn’t make a difference it is only maybe 20 inches anyway. I have the studio 0bto 4 ga But even with the offset Reducers they are so close
  4. f**k these cables, one of the ends broke off. Luckily I was able to take it apart area. I can’t believe how chickenshit the wires are in there the generic Walmart ones I had were 10 times better. I’m actually tempted to pull these ones back out there is seriously like three micro Wires in it I don’t even know how they work. And there is a bird wire in there that’s green but it’s dead just for aninsulator I guess.
  5. I didn’t think they were going to make it any louder I’m just hoping for better sound quality and less noise
  6. It’s probably all that purple kush you smoke on. It was not Anything complicated. Just wanted some of the opinions on RCA cables. It’s all good now tho. I took all the seats back out and ran the new high-quality RCA cables from the United under the. Back seat. I just had basic RCA’s before and I was asking if it’s Really worth the time to put high-quality RCA’s in the truck.Really worth the time to put high-quality RCA’s in the truck.
  7. Hey guys so I’m about to install my new R.F. 800.4 and 360.3 In my 02 tahoe and I’m thinking about swapping out the rca cables first for high quality cables.the rca cables that plug into the head unit (3 sets) are just random cheap rca cables that come in basic amp kits one pair I believe is from Walmart even the scotche brand. This weekend I came across a couple that had a shipping container just packed with the badass high end Rockford Fosgate cables! I’m talking 1000s of different RF cables. They are old models from back in like 2000 but all still brand new in the package nothing at all wrong with them. So I picked up 3 sets to go from my 360.3 to my amps. Right now I have a rf T800.4 on the 4 door speakers and a massive audio n4 running my single 18 out back. Would I be worth the time to pull the basic cheap rca cables out of truck and run the new monster set of rf rca cables, these things sr massive. The are a single cable almost half inch around and at the ends have a big a Rockford Fosgate sign and then the 2 rca ends come out of it. Nice looking cables and all gold plated. So I can take the time to swap them out and just go pick up 3 more sets of short ones to go from the 360.3 to the amps. They sell the cables for probably the same price as you would pay for the cheapy chugger basic cables so price is no issue. I seen the same set still going for 50 each on eBay. They also have the white wolf RCA cables that I was thinking about getting because they’re only a foot and a half long versus these other nine so what are you update is it worth the time to pull the seeds back out of the driver side front and rear and deck out of the truck to run these new cables? Let me know. I’ve already had issues with Feedback noise that drove me absolutely insane so I ended up making a full new wiring harness for the truck change the RV is back around and it still makes the damn noise when you flip the key onto the run position but only if for a couple of short seconds and then once you start the truck it goes away. I don’t understand it and I don’t know maybe it’s the shitty RCA’s that I have in there I don’t know. They do not run anywhere close to the power ground or she is going to need the center consul straight back in the power cables along the door jam it is a zero gauge. So maybe these new ones will get rid of that noise because that’s one of the main things they talk about on the box is the way they have this crazy amount of twisted loops per inc And they have a third cable in the center of them that is just a solid core. Anyways enough rambling I’ll shut up now so throw me a comment And let me know what you think. I’ve been out of the car audio since I was in high school back in 01 Just getting going back on it one of my friends got me hooked again with these damn 18 inch woofers LOL
  8. proatv13

    Need some help identifying 18 inch sun

    have any of you ever heard of soundqubed. A friend of mine said that's a sound cube speaker he has two of them in his car
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    McIntosh MCC 402 amplifiers new unused in package

    What’s your asking price
  10. LOL I guess people can’t read. LOCAL PICK UP ONLY. So is it 200 for all? I’m local
  11. Hello everyone my name is Ryan and I’m from Mesa Arizona. I have a 18 inch subwoofer that I got off a guy who didn’t know anything about it. He thought it was a jl audio but come to find out that is just a dust cap glued on. I have it hooked up to a old school ROckford Fosgate db1000.1 and it sounds decent but I think I’m under powering it. I’m hoping someone can help me identify this thing so I can figure out what it is , and what it can do. Thanks boys