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  1. LNGLIV3

    2013 silverado 3500hd

    Great looking build following for sure.
  2. Well crap I already have it hooked up. I got it for 100$
  3. Ok update I picked up a lc7i converter and have it in the rear by my amp. I tapped into the speaker wires at the b pillars by the sill plate. It sounds good for the time being. Black Friday shopping yielded me a alpine 4 ch amp. Question for you Chevy/gmc crew cab owners who has pics of amp racks. Looking for ideas. And still searching for front speakers and rear door speakers.
  4. Ok I’m no Noob. I have a few questions that I’m looking for answers on. First off I’ll start with my equiptment list. I know most are old but they are tried and true pieces that have served me for a while. I have 2 10” JL 10w0s I’m not sure on the ohm version for these subs and I have had them since 2004. The amp is a coustic 600db. I just picked up a box for under the back seats today. At this time I am choosing to keep the factory head unit for the time being. The system is lacking bass in which I have a hard time dealing with as I spend at least 2 hrs a day in my truck. My plans are to replace the door speakers and amp them when I decide on the equiptment to purchase. At this time my plans are to use a line level to rca converter. What is the best way to install the converter? The best place to tap into the rear door speakers to feed the converter? Wire colors for the rear speakers? Thanks for your time and input.