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  1. Dragonsyph

    ANSWERED Help with my enclosure

    LOLOL, you must be a troll or something.
  2. Dragonsyph

    Thick MDF and Brace Pieces??

    So you ask why thicker wood is better then thinner when people tell you, you respond with well iv bull both and it made no difference. Sounds like you think you already Know the answer(but not really). And some how two different subs with different amps sounded the same you say? Seems like your full of shit.
  3. Dragonsyph

    Extreme No Limit build

    Two 370a alts for just 2 15s? These like 5000 watt each or something?
  4. Dragonsyph

    Mechman FTW.......

    Aww ok that does make sense that it would go down, just didnt know by that much 8(, Guess well see once i get it installed and running on a hot summer day. Thanks. Same idle though? That seems good.
  5. Dragonsyph

    What would be better then 2 kicker 41l7122

    Couldn't find exact amp dyno but all the ones is seen like the 1200 version only did 880 watts at 1ohm lol.
  6. Dragonsyph

    What would be better then 2 kicker 41l7122

    Ouch 2400w for 1000 dollars? And its kicker brand, like what the hell is going on.
  7. Dragonsyph

    What would be better then 2 kicker 41l7122

    Sundown zv5 15" and build a new ported box. If you get a better amp, get a Sundown Nightshade V4 12" x2 and put them on an 8k amp. Youll need new HO alternator and 2-3 runs of 1/0 etc. etc. Better amp you say? Well for 1k, you could get an Orion 8k amp that dynos for 9-10k at 1ohm. 3F cap? that's pretty much worthless. Cap banks now days are 500-1000 Farads.
  8. Dragonsyph

    Mechman FTW.......

    Claim? Those are tested numbers. What's the range of amps from cold to hot? 10? 30?
  9. Gonna try to install it this week. 210a at idle 382 at load
  10. 2005 Chevy Tahoe, was wondering whats the biggest group i can fit under the hood? And am i able to fit a d3100? If not is there a way too?
  11. You can get 10 and 16 ton hydolic crumpets for 40 bucks on amazon.
  12. Dragonsyph

    What amp should I get

    We need to know what subs and what is there rms.
  13. Using cca wire from font to back can also lead to over 1v drop at the amp vs at front bat. Also using to small of wire can cause resistance.
  14. Those cheaper bats are nice and have decent AH, but does the fact they dont use virgin lead or cant put out very many amps at 1 time like XS power bats mean anything? Like an XS 3100 is 110AH but says can put out up to 5000amps and they use brand new virgin lead. Do these cheaper bats like Duracell and Energizer have the same amp outputs and can they charge and discharge as fast as XS? Im kinda in the same boat as OP, i got a 370A elite HO and am wondering if i should buy the cheapest bats i can or go with high out put AGMs from XS.
  15. Dragonsyph

    Will this amp work

    Lol i like threads like this, good read guys.