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  1. Dragonsyph

    Hello!! Can't make up my mind on which 18" get, 8((

    Looks like I’ll be getting 2 NSV4 wired down to 1ohm on an Orion 8k v2 amp, in a 28.5hz box. Along with a nex4400 or nex2240 for apple play. Hoping to clamp around 7k total. Cant decide on 45ah limitless + a d3400 or two d3100 + a bank of caps.
  2. I got some prices from them and they seem to be really good in the price category. This is the info i got from them word for word. Slot wounds are 270 amps for 245$, 300 amps for 325$. These are a little older technology but proven performers. Slightly less durable than hairpins, and a little lower charging voltage in most applications as well. 250 amp small case hairpin is 320$, 320 amps is 385$. These are great for smaller builds running lithium or caps. The regulators and rectifiers are tough enough to withstand the abuse a little better than the slot wound units listed above. 270 amp large case hairpins are 375$, 370 amps is 495$. 390 amps are 595$. These are the most durable unit and second best at idle. They have larger rectifiers and normally around the 200 amp range for idle output. The 390 amp is usually around 170-180 amps at idle and comes in a billet machined aluminum case. These large case units have the only 80 amp diodes large case twin plated rectifiers available on the market. 300 amp XL unit is the absolute best at idle. These are our newest line of alt that have 230-240 amps hot at idle rpm on most applications. They’re also incredibly durable with big 100 amp diodes on finned rectifier assemblies. These units are 605$. Every alternator is build to order. 2-3 weeks is average for build time right now. Lifetime warranty at parts cost. 6 months no questions asked no defect guarantee. Powder coat is 45$. All of our prices are shipped and include one decal. That Large Case Hairpin 390A with an Allumium billet case or only 595 dollars seems like a great deal. When a mecman 370A cost 800, and a Singer 370A cost 800-900. Same with GP altenators at around 900 dollars. This might be the one i buy if i can find some others using it with good reviews.
  3. From there website, turns out thought to get them shipped to me they want 349 dollars shipping. I posted link above. So if you dont live in the EU then these are not a great deal lol. Been doing a ton of research trying to find a Graphene supercaps that are made in the USA> But it seems the USA is fare behind in the cap game.
  4. Came across these SkelCap SCA3200 which are made from curved graphene. Are XS and Maxwell even made from Graphene? You can buy 10 of them for only 550 dollars and from the stats below they look way better then XS or Maxwell. Pretty much get 2 banks for the price of 1 XS bank. Skel caps below. https://www.skeletontech.com/all-products THEY also have caps that have a rating of 110 kW/kg which seems INSANE.. But i couldn't find a price on those. Capacitance 3200 F Voltage 2,85 V ESR (DC) 0,11 mOhm Specific Power 53 kW/kg Specific Energy 6,8 Wh/kg Weight 0,533 kg Volume 0,390 L Length 138 mm (141,2 mm with terminals) Diameter 60 mm XS caps below. Looking at 53kW/kg VS 23kW/kg, is the right right thing to look at?
  5. Dragonsyph

    2 dvc sub wiring help

    If there dvc shouldn't the box have 8 terminals? Each coil has a + and - for total of 8 connections. You might have to unscrew the subs and check the wireing in side. Once you find out how they are inside the box, heres what you need to do.
  6. Nice thanks for the info, u can get 30 feet of that royal 2/0 for only 87 bucks,. That seems like a great deal vs something like skyhigh wire at around 5 dollars a foot, but this stuff is 99.99 pure OFC.
  7. HAHA im new to high end systems but even i know better then to never buy that LOL>
  8. Dragonsyph

    Hello!! Can't make up my mind on which 18" get, 8((

    Ok thanks guys, i still have LOTs to learn and i like learning about it all.
  9. Dragonsyph

    Hello!! Can't make up my mind on which 18" get, 8((

    The length of the coil and the layers of the copper doesn't matter just diameter of the coil? The NSv4 having a mounting depth of over 15" im thinking that coil is alot longer then most.
  10. Dragonsyph

    Hello!! Can't make up my mind on which 18" get, 8((

    Wow, nice bro, ya iv made the switch to the Orion 8k haha so ill have plenty of power. And i think iv been talked into the Nightshade v4, to pound them lows.
  11. Dragonsyph

    Hello!! Can't make up my mind on which 18" get, 8((

    Thanks ill take a look at the DD 18's
  12. Dragonsyph

    Hello!! Can't make up my mind on which 18" get, 8((

    🙁 did u have a bad experience?
  13. Dragonsyph

    Hello!! Can't make up my mind on which 18" get, 8((

    Found an Orion 8k for only 999 so that seems like a better deal over all and more watts for the future. I was thinking i could get a single 18 with dvc 1ohm, and wire it to 2ohm for 5600 watts from amp, then when i get two of the same subs wire them both down to 1ohm ?? But then thats 5-6k to 1 subs vs maybe 4k to each when at 1ohm. Or just get a single 18 like i want with dvc 2ohm and wire that 1 sub to 1ohm and put 8000 watts into it lol?
  14. Dragonsyph

    Hello!! Can't make up my mind on which 18" get, 8((

    I thought about getting one of those then i read what they said on the page, "This is not the sub for a single trunk setup because its the biggest thing we sell. Please save your money and purchase a Team or SP4 for better results. This is for big power, big number, music and SPL applications where you are chasing 163+ dB applications." So thats why i was gonna get the Team series. Would the Omegas be good in a regular ported box in the back? Or are these made for walled off and bandpass?
  15. Dragonsyph

    Hello!! Can't make up my mind on which 18" get, 8((

    Ya the Orion is rated at 5k 12.6v and dynos for like 7-8k at 14.8v. So i thought that would be good for a 4500 rms sub.