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  1. Boombee

    crossover question

    no i didnt your right, but in my first post i mentioned the speakers i have and subs being one of them. i have a headunit its not an ipad its a 12" android radio screen with front,rear, and sub outputs.
  2. Boombee

    crossover question

    I have two amps one for subs and one for mids and hi's ? Thought i already implied this by listing my speakers already unless you thought i was running subs off my hu ??🙄
  3. Boombee

    crossover question

    I have a 12.1" tesla syle headunit. Purchased crossover to improve my sound system’s volume potential and dynamic capability feeding my highs,mids and subs the correct range
  4. my current setup in my vehicle are two subs two 6.5 componet sets and 6.5 in the rear door. my question is the componet sets came with a passive crossover i just purchased a good electronic crossover that i want to add how would i wire the speakers all the tweets to their own channel and 6.5s to a seperate channel and get rid of the passive crossovers or can i keep the passive crossovers still using the electronic crossover. thanks for any help
  5. i have a kicker iq 1000.1 amp at 2ohms its rated at 1000watts rms. I have two kicker subs, dvc 2ohms. I was able to wire them up so I have a final impedance of 2.5ohms. when I connect the speakers to the amp the final impedance drops down to 1ohm or less sometimes. this is causing my amp to go into protection mode. is this common? if someone can clarify this or give me some insight on this I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. Boombee

    Subwoofer recommendation

    Yes. The prefab box for my truck
  7. Boombee

    Subwoofer recommendation

    Rockford p3's require 1.25 cubic feet seen quite a few that might work but im a newbie so i thought id ask more experienced people
  8. Can someone please recommend a subwoofer that will sound good in this enclosure? 2-12".. amp is a kicker iq 1000.1 Thanks in advance.