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    I've got a 10" sub and a 270 amp alt
  1. It’s a DC Power 270 amp XP series, that’s all I know about it.
  2. Interesting because my friend has a stock 2.0 Jetta running the same amp as me at 1ohm 2K Watts as well on factory alt and single battery and while his lights slightly dim that’s all that happens at full volume. I guess my alt is just to much for my 2.2 liter engine. I think I’m going to look into raising my idle, that may help.
  3. I need some help, I'm currently running a Sundown X10v2 hooked up to a Hifonics 2K wired at 1ohm. I've got a 270 amp alt with full NVX 0 gauge and a duralast gold battery up front and a XS Power XP2500 in the trunk. Everytime I come to a stop or play my system loud at idle my alt always drops my engine rpms so much that the engine almost shuts off, it never does however. I'm just curious because I would think I have enough electrical to handle 2000 watts without my alt constantly needing to draw the full power for every quick hit of bass. If anyone could offer some advice I would greatly appreciate it, thanks!