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  1. Hey guys, I have scoured the forums reading threads that pertain to my situation. Hoping I can get some feedback and advice on how to approach upgrading my SQ in my new Ram 2500 crew cab with the 10 speaker (9 + a sub) Alpine System. I came from a 2011 Ram 2500 CC without the Alpine system. I was running an aftermarket Pioneer HU, some older Hertz 6.5 components, and a 10” Fox Box with a RF P2 sub. System was running on two RF amps. I was fairly pleased with the setup. Felt like maybe the sub lacked a little bit. I want to retain the factory HU and rear camera. I sold most of the older system, as most of it was 8+ years old. I’m going to go with the same Fox Box, but wanting to upgrade to some better SQ speakers all around. This system sounds so muddy compared to my 11. I have been out of the audio game for a while, and am not up on what’s good, what’s overpriced, and what to stay away from these days. I know all of the mainstream brands (JL, RF, Kicker, Pioneer, etc), but I know there are a lot of newer companies on the scene too. Was thinking maybe 6.5’s in the front doors. Not sure if I should replace all 3 of the 3.5” in the dash? There are two tweeters in the rear roof also. I wasn’t running rear fill in my 11. It’s usually just me in the truck. Just not sure which of the other 7 speakers to replace and with what. I’m not an audiophile, but appreciate good sq and decent staging. I’ve always been kind of a best bang for the buck guy. I bought the Hertz on a good deal. I hear guys talking about speaker companies on these forums that I’ve never heard of before. So it seems like these Alpine systems are a pain for tapping into the existing system. Is the easiest route the newer PAC AmpPro4? So in short i would love some feedback and recommendations on the following: I’ll need New speakers (making sure I get correct ohms for everything) Possibly a new 10” sub (Still have the RF P2) A couple amps (channeled/mono) to drive the system. As far as price goes. I just want some good SQ, similar to what I had in my 11, and reliability. I know a lot of this is subjective. Not looking to break the bank or win any competitions. Thanks in advance! J