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    New system in Infiniti

    Hey guys, I have a 2006 Infiniti G35 coupe (w/o bose). The stock speakers are awful, so I am going to replace them. I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions you have on the equipment. I do not have a set budget. though I would like to keep it below 3,000. Amp: Alpine PDX-V9 My heart is pretty set on this amp. Though a good argument could sway me. Sub: Infinity Kappa 1200 Undecided on 10" or 12" what are your thoughts? Doors: Infinity Kappa 60CSX Current plan is to spend more money on the door speakers, and have them do more bass to make up for the rear seat speakers. Back seat: See below** If its an option I think 6x9s would be better Rear Deck: I need to figure out if the rear deck in the Infiniti without the bose system still has the slots for the 6x9's Door woofers are 6.5" Tweeters are roughly 1.5" (picture attached) Back Seat 6.5' though I believe these would need to be low profile in order to fit. Rear deck (If I have the slots) 6x9s Head Unit: was going to base this on the rest of the unit. Keep in mind I plan on adding a backup camera when I do this. Sound proofing: I looked into sound deadener which would be roughly $1,200 to do it as they suggest. Is this worth it? Or is dynomat good enough? Are there other options? If my research yielded good results these are needed to swap out the head unit and have everything fit/work: Double Din Kit Double Din Trim Ring Antenna Adapter Wiring Harness Steering Wheel Control Interface