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  1. Thanks for the reply. Since it's for a sub, do I only need to tap into one speaker line + & -, or a left and an a right speaker?
  2. Hello, Hoping I can get some assistance. The car is leased and I want to add a powered sub, Rockford P300-12 for more bass. . I have no problem routing the power wire through the firewall to batt, which is easy to remove after 3yrs. My dilemma is obtaining signal. The box accepts high or low level. Obviously the stock head unit doesn't support low level outputs. So, I would have go high level and tap into the speakers. That's where my dilemma is....there are no speakers on the rear deck (of course not, that would be too easy) so the next spot would be the rear doors. Don't really want to pull the door panels in fear of breaking/damaging something, plus running wires through the boot to the box is a bitch I'm sure. Can someone shed some advice on possible options? Would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.