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  1. C-LocJiggleNuts

    SQ Vs SLP Real life applications

    ^^^ this statement couldn’t be more true. I’m currently trying to talk myself out of spending another 400.00 on new components to swap out the the ones I just bought a month ago. Achieving the quality and sound you want is a unicorn. I’m pretty sure I’ll be chasing it for life.
  2. C-LocJiggleNuts

    New components??

    Ive done all of that and more. Second skin sound deadening and fastrings. Sound deadening on floors, doors, and back wall. The truck itself is as quiet as brand new Mercedes on the inside. Too quiet actually. Lol
  3. C-LocJiggleNuts

    New components??

    So I'm currently running Hertz components in my 2015 Ram and I love them. They sound great and crisp and clear (to me) and for the most part do what I want. What I'm curious about is if I'm missing something different out there in component land and if I could've gotten a better set for the money I spent on the Hertz Comp. I'm running the ECX165.5 (I think that's what the model number is). I'm no doubt bitten by the car audio bug and have no problem upgrading and swapping those out for 350.00 or less if the sound quality will be significantly better. (Even though they've only been in there for two weeks)
  4. C-LocJiggleNuts

    2 dvc sub wiring help

    Correct. Dragonsyph - you are correct that there are 8 terminals total on the subs. I was referring to the speaker output terminals on the box itself. The subs have not been installed yet. Everything is brand new.
  5. C-LocJiggleNuts

    Do I need a secondary battery?

    I couldn’t find the soundqubed one you’re talking about. Do you have a pic or a link?
  6. C-LocJiggleNuts

    Do I need a secondary battery?

    Well I went and bought a Mesa MP600 as a second battery replacement and ordered a stinger voltage meter for the dash. We’ll see how she does with that setup
  7. C-LocJiggleNuts

    Do I need a secondary battery?

    Gotcha. Thanks.
  8. C-LocJiggleNuts

    Do I need a secondary battery?

    Actually one last question...some websites say battery must be fully charged before install. These batts don’t come charged?
  9. C-LocJiggleNuts

    Do I need a secondary battery?

    Thanks all! Now to figure it all out. Ha!
  10. C-LocJiggleNuts

    Do I need a secondary battery?

    Ok so the wattage rating doesn’t really matter on the batts as long as the combination of the two batts is more than the amps right? For example if I add a small batt rated for 1380 watts as my secondary.
  11. C-LocJiggleNuts

    Do I need a secondary battery?

    I don’t have room for a full size batt as it’s going behind the seat of my Ram Crew Cab. I was thinking something small like a Mesa MP600 or Stinger SPP 680.
  12. C-LocJiggleNuts

    Do I need a secondary battery?

    Ok I’ll start with a voltage gauge and go from there. Stock alt is rated at 160 amps but I don’t know how many at idle or cruising speed. It’s a Dodge Ram truck so idk. My headlights were dimming just running on my t750 mini amp so I’d imagine I get a small power outage off the t1500. Lol
  13. C-LocJiggleNuts

    Do I need a secondary battery?

    Okay thanks. Would extra batt help with dimming? For example a stinger spp680 or would I want a secondary battery to equal the combined wattage of both amps. Sorry. I’m a noob.
  14. C-LocJiggleNuts

    Do I need a secondary battery?

    What would be the reading I want from the voltmeter?
  15. C-LocJiggleNuts

    Do I need a secondary battery?

    Looking for info guys (or girls). Im in the process if I nstalling a RF T1500.1 that will be running 2 Sundown Sa10’s and a RF T400.4 running Hertz mids and highs. Big 4 is done (O gauge) and I will be installing an XS D3400 this week as my main battery. Stock alt is 160 amp. Wondering if I need to be ordering a second batt to maintain voltage or will I be ok with the setup l have.