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  1. C-LocJiggleNuts

    RAM Install questions....

    So basically what you’re saying is I should be adding some poly to my current setup? 🤣🤣🤣 2 Sundown SA10’s.
  2. C-LocJiggleNuts

    RAM Install questions....

    Is that confirmed? I’ve tried to reach Fox Acoustics umpteen times to ask them net volume to no avail. 😡
  3. C-LocJiggleNuts

    RAM Install questions....

    Did you notice any improvement doing more deadening in your doors? I have a Ram also but single layer deadened doors. Also running the foxbox which sounds good with 2 Sundown 10’s. Wonder if volume would allow for 12’s ....🤔
  4. C-LocJiggleNuts

    Not SQ but not SPL?

    Good idea. I’ll try that! 👍🏼
  5. C-LocJiggleNuts

    Not SQ but not SPL?

    Looks like I’m going to have a set of tweeters for sale soon. I don’t have the room for another amp nor is it even worth it to me. I’m sure I can accomplish what I’m looking for without them.
  6. C-LocJiggleNuts

    Not SQ but not SPL?

    Not sure why they call it a two way kit when there is technically 3 sets. The imaging tweets mount to the windshield up in the top corners and point towards the center of the dash in a 45 degree angle. The main tweeters are in the lower a pillar. The passive xover has 3 separate inputs also.
  7. C-LocJiggleNuts

    Not SQ but not SPL?

    They are all the same brand and came as part of a “kit” sort of speak. CDT Audio. I don’t want to lose sound quality because I ditched the “imaging” tweeters I don’t know if I would or not just a statement
  8. C-LocJiggleNuts

    Not SQ but not SPL?

    Just got my Dayton DSP in the mail today. Gonna hook it up both ways to see the difference in sq. Question I have is, if I have imaging tweeters along with a set of regular tweets should I keep them running passive and only the driver and main tweet active or run all active? Not sure how I would wire all active with only a 4 channel amp.
  9. C-LocJiggleNuts

    Looking for amp recommendations

    Bringing back an old thread...I am currently running a Fox Box with 2 - SA10's on a T1500.1 @ 2ohms and it knocks. I did a lot research before I bought the subs and the general opinion was that for this box the 10" subs with large magnets work better and sound better in the dual 12 box due to the displacement. I like how mine sounds but would be curious how it would sound compared to a custom made sealed enclosure built to spec. Anyone run the dimensions and figure the tune out to see if its was Fox says it is?
  10. C-LocJiggleNuts

    Abs or Acrylic speaker adapters

    Thank you.
  11. C-LocJiggleNuts

    Abs or Acrylic speaker adapters

    Anyone on here make or know someone that can me a set of adapters for a ‘15 Ram 1500. Need 6x9 to 6.5 with inside dia of 5.87”. Looking for 1/2 inch or better.
  12. C-LocJiggleNuts

    New components??

    Sounds good on my phone I can only imagine how it will sound on those new CDT’s
  13. C-LocJiggleNuts

    New components??

    Thanks man. I’ll keep these handy!
  14. C-LocJiggleNuts

    New components??

    That is a good one. 👍🏼 How the hell do I get that on a usb?
  15. C-LocJiggleNuts

    Swapping out Hertz comps for CDT Comps

    Stoked to hear what all the hypes about. Will most likely kick it into active after a while but going to try it in passive first. So if anyone is interested in some new Hertz components I’ll give you a screaming deal on em.