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  1. hi... been easily 10 years disconnected from playing with cars in general, recently retired in sunny thailand and would love to go back to tinkering and doing stuff with audio. Now it's not like all brands are available here when compared to the UK... but there are a few I'm so lost hah. I ofc know all the OGs from the 70s onwards but some of them are now chinese owned? A/D/S used to be the shit now not so sure according to some sources. I was looking on the pinned threads but theyre all 2011 and so on... googled car audio brands only some forums with also older info and this https://gear4wheels.com/car-audio-brands-list/ monstruous list I haven't fully gone through yet.. I definitely don't know like... 50% of the brands on it.. I used to run the "posh" stuff, morel, focal etc... seems like those guys have kept their quality up though. thanks for the tips TM.
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    Hello from Phuket

    hi everyone Back to the scene after easily 10 years of not doing much... I recently retired in thailand and its ridiculous how alive things are here compared to back in the UK in regards to mobile audio. Feels like Europe early 2000s when everyone was into tuning and car audio. I'll be hanging around for a while here... seen plenty of new brands I'm not familiar with hah. Cheers