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  1. have you tried using grounding loop isolators on the rca plugs going into the dsp? it is considered a bandaid solution but i had that problem and it eliminated it. Check your ground connections also.
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    Need help with my amp

    I have a punch 1000x2 running 2 d4p3 12" punch subs in a ported box tuned 33hz. i am running 1/0 gauge ofc power wire and have done the big 3 as well. i have an excellent ground to my seat bolt(measured less than 1 ohm from the battery for resistance) and i also have a 30 farad rockville capacitor. punch 6x8 door speakers and punch p1ts tweeter kits running off a punch 600x4 and punch 400x4. after having the system in for 4 months now, i was driving down the road and suddenly with my stereo only at mid volume my sub amp shut off and my other amps kept going. i shut everything down but noticed until i unhooked the power cable from the sub amp my car voltage was 11.8 volts with the engine running. after disconnecting the power cable from the amp the voltage shot back up to 14.4 volts but i also noticed that my 150amp inline fuse to the sub amp did not blow. all of my equipment is brand new and less than a year old. i did notice during the 4 months however that one of my d4p3 subs would be quieter and have less excursion that the other then other times have the same excursion. i checked and doublechecked all connections by eye and with a multimeter and always my static impedence total was 3.6 ohms.(what it should be). could i possibly have a short in the one sub that only happens when it is driven under load? how do you check this? this same sub was in this box when i had a different sub on the other side while i was waiting to get an identical sub to match it and i had a ppi black ice 5000.1d running them and that amp blew after only one hour of use. i just thought it was a cheapo amp and got the punch which after 4 months has now blown. HELP!!! I have doing installs in my vehicles for 28 years and this is a first for me. how do i begin troubleshooting this. i have already done a bunch of different tests and all come up no problems.also, since my amp warranty is not valid(bought from amazon) i took the punch and ppi apart to see what happened. both had melted epoxy on the top of the inductor coil but no other damage visible. i also should note that there was an epoxy burning smell when my amp shut off in both cases. any help would be greatly appreciated.