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  1. Hello! I'm installing a new subwoofer (Rockford Fosgate R2D2-12) and can't get it to run no matter what I do. I'm pretty sure I have the subwoofer wired correctly to the amplifier (as per the diagram in the subwoofer manual), and the impedance measures correct at the amp terminal (4 ohms). My amplifier (ks-dr3005d) works with all my other speakers perfectly. My stereo (KW-R920BTS) has 2 sets of line-output terminals (Front R/L and Rear/Sub R/L), but by amplifier has 3 sets (Front, Rear, Sub). I'm not sure how to connect these or what input mode to use (4 channel or 5 channel). I think the issue is either my line-output is wired incorrectly or some setting on my stereo is incorrect. I've tried troubleshooting extensively but I'm just not sure what to do now.