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  1. osiris

    2016 F350 crewcab stereo

    So I was getting ready to put 3 jl8"w7s under the rear seat, but then I decided I don't want to go to that much trouble sooooo I am going to go with the JL stealth box under the rear drivers side seat. For the front doors I will be going with Morel Maximo 5 components, the rear speakers will be Morel maximo ultra 502 coax, and i will be using an alpine x-a90v 5 channel amp. What do you guys think about that? There is definitely something to be said for simplicity I think and I really can't afford to have my truck down for 3 days 100 miles away while the place I was looking at built the box and did all the install for my set up.
  2. osiris

    2016 F350 crewcab stereo

    Looks like Fox Acoustics makes a box that would fit behind the back seat and hold 2 10s. Is anyone familiar with this box? It also looks like some car audio places have made custom boxes for under the rear seat that will hold 3 JL w3 10" subs. What do you guys think about these 2 options? I am guessing the fox box will be more economical but the custom box would sound way better? Would the fox box sound decent tho? I had a MTX thunderform box for my 06 ram with 2 10s that sounded decent, would that be comparable?
  3. osiris

    2016 F350 crewcab stereo

    No I haven't even approached that yet. I have definitely thought of going all alpine for that reason alone haha. I had a cpl 10 w0 at one point so I am hoping the shallow sub would be similar but I dunno. That is one thing that keeps me coming back to the stealth box or something similar under the rear driver side seat.... Any other thoughts on this? Are there other options beside the jl stealth box?
  4. osiris

    2016 F350 crewcab stereo

    Sorry I missed this, sweet build man! However I have a 16 and the cabins are completely different. I bet that sounds great tho!
  5. osiris

    2016 F350 crewcab stereo

    Here is kinda what I am looking at I think as far as components for the front: -Hertz 5.25 esk 130.5 -Alpine spr-50c type r - JL audio c5 -Morel Tempo Ultra 502 The morel and the JL are the more expensive ones, but given those choices do any of you guys have any experience with these? I feel like the Morels will probably be the best of the group and then maybe hertz? I had some hertz speakers before and they were great and they have a pretty good price too. I can't find a 5x7 that I really care for as far as front components go, but ( I know you said don't worry about it) I was thinking of the 5x7 coaxial for the rear and I am pretty sure whatever brand I decide to go with for the front will be the rear as well. As far as the amp I was thinking alpine 4 channel 400 watt either the pdx or the 500 watt 4 channel pdx for the door speakers and then a pdx 600 or mrv 500 alpine 1 channel for the sub(s). My stereo has that speaker in the dash, I think its like a 3' speaker maybe? I was planning on leaving that alone mostly because I just remembered it, but any value to add a 100-150 dollar speaker there? I am not positive but I think you can only buy those in pairs? At least that is what I have been seeing, and maybe I am looking at the wrong size altogether for the dash. I am pretty set on getting a shallow mount for behind the seat probably a single 12" and that will probably be a JL or a Fosgate, although I have heard good things about sundown and mephis, I would assume their shallow subs are pretty good? Although I saw alpine had a single 10 in a ported box that would probably fit back there as well. I am just torn on losing the under seat storage and JL is pretty proud of their 13.5" stealth box for that location. Any other ideas for that?
  6. osiris

    2016 F350 crewcab stereo

    I am sure they will fit, I just am not sure I want modify the doors to make it work...
  7. osiris

    2016 F350 crewcab stereo

    I was thinking about some of the newer alpine amps for under the front seats. One of the speakers and one for the sub(s). There is a shop here in town, I need to go by there, that is where I came up with the c5 idea. I have read about Morel a little and have liked what I hear about them, but I have always like infinity as well. There are a few more shops down in Denver which is about 100 miles from me, I am located in Cheyenne wy
  8. osiris

    2016 F350 crewcab stereo

    I am not really set on JL, if I can find something comparable price and better quality I am all over it. Like I said, I just don't know much about other brands. I agree in a vehicle it is going to be very hard to tell a difference between those speaker types. I guess I would say I want it as clean as possible with the ability to hear everything going on in the song.
  9. osiris

    2016 F350 crewcab stereo

    I apologize for being vague, let me see if I can clear a few things up. I have had several 2k+ plus builds, which I know doesn't amount to a hill of beans for some of the guys on here. I am more leaning towards the sound quality of the entire system, which is part of the reason I was wanting to replace the rears, even if its just a small upgrade like some JL c2s or similar. I had a 97 crewcab ford that has 2 12s behind the back seat with jl audio I beleve TR speakers all around with tweeters front and rear that sounded amazing except for when we were listening to say Fleetwood Mac "The Chain" where the bass solo is, we couldn't hear that very will. When I say I listen to a wide variety of music I mean a WIDE variety of music. I want to have a stereo setup that works well will ALL music, nothing I hate more than a stereo that has amazing bass but you can't hear anything else. I want to be able to hear the high, mids and lows, I guess I would say I am more of an audiophile that way. I don't mind spending the money but I also don't want to spend willy nilly if that makes sense. I am looking for a build that is going to run between 2-3k at the most. As far as subs go, I was hoping to get something behind the back seat, like one of the JL powerwedge truck boxes, but I am not so sure there is enough room back there for a 10w3 or 12w3 at this point. I really wanted to keep my under seat storage, but I suppose if I "had" to I could go with something as simple as the JL stealth box. I keep through JL around because that is what I am most familiar with, however I know that there are probably brands of speakers I know nothing about that are better than JL at the same price point. I have ran focal K2 6.5" speakers and liked them, I have had eclipse and hertz as well. I am not very familiar with JBL, I had an amp of theirs maybe 20 years ago in the 97 but that was the last I used them. Next part of this, for what I am wanting, would I be better off finding some high quality 5x7 6x8 speakers to help retain the mids or would I be better off with 5.25s. I don't really want to put in all the work for 6.5s but if that is going to be the best thing for me then I may consider it. I know the question I just asked is argued about all the time so take it easy on me haha. I am looking for sound quality and ease of installation. I don't want to spend all weekend inside my truck installing all of this haha. Thanks guys!
  10. osiris

    2016 F350 crewcab stereo

    Anything other than crickets in here? lol
  11. Hey guys, looking to build a decent system for my superduty. Currently it has the ford navigation with the sony sound system and 8" sub behind the seat. I listen to a wide variety of music like AC/DC and the Rolling Stones all the way to Beethoven haha. I listen to some rap when the kids aren't around and country as well. I was leaning towards a couple of 10" subs for behind the seat? I also was contemplating some JL c5 for the front and the c3 for the rear. What would you guys recommend for the money? JLs or is there something better for the same price or even a little less or more? I Had a stereo with 6 w6 8" subs and it was awesome, but left a little to be desired for the hip/hop and rap I like to listen to as well. I want my kids or wife when she sits in the back to be able to hear the words as well so clarity is pretty important to me. I am not trying to win any shows or anything like that, just looking for a good setup. I would like to stay under 2k for the parts alone. thanks guys!