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  1. So I tried connecting my wife’s iPhone 6 and it mirrors just fine. She also upgraded to ios12 so it’s not the OS it’s clearly the phone. Anyone have any ideas on what I can do to fix the settings on an iPhone to allow it to mirror again? If this is too off topic we can just close it. Just hoped someone else had this problem and found a solution.
  2. A few months ago I installed a brand new Pioneer MVH1400NEX double din with Apple CarPlay. When I installed the head unit, I installed the iSimple MediaLinx HDMI To Composite Video/Audio Adapter Cable from the back of the unit, connected to an HDMI cable, connected to an Apple OEM HDMI to Lightning adapter. I did this so that I could mirror video from my iPhone 6S Plus to the Pioneer/CarPlay video screen. I also installed the parking break bypass. This setup worked for a couple of months with no issues. My CarPlay connects with a lightning cable from the unit, but I used the separate AV to HDMI to HDMI adapter to mirror my iPhone screen to the Pioneer display. Sometime around the IOS 12 release, the mirroring with this setup stopped working. The audio still works but the screen goes black. Plus after I disconnect my phone the CarPlay doesn't work even if I connect the other Lightning cable for direct CarPlay connection. I then have to do a soft reset of the phone holding the Home and Power buttons before I can connect the phone to activate the CarPlay setting. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is there something anyone can recommend I do to fix the issue? I tested the Apple HDMI to Lightning adapter by purchasing a new one and the new one didn't work either. Any ideas? Thanks so much in advance. I have a lot of money invested in making this mirroring function work with the iSimple and HDMI adapter so my 4 year old can watch Moana over and over in my car :). If there is some other way to make an iPhone mirror using an app or some other setup, please let me know.