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  1. I haven't pulled mine yet, but folks on an Accord specific forum that have report there being no caps on the tweeters. There are on the none 450Watt systems, where the tweeters and woofers share wiring from the amp, but not on the "premium" system where each individual speaker is wired separately.
  2. So I've got a 2018 Accord, with the 10 speaker, 450 Watt amp factory system. I'd like to change the speakers. The 10 speaker count is made up of components in both front doors, a 3.5" in center front dash, a set of components in the rear deck along with an 8" sub in the rear deck. My first phase of upgrade would be the front door components. My question: while I know that each individual speaker is directly wired back to the amp (meaning there are ten channels out from the factory amp), and that there are no capacitors on the tweeters, I'm not sure if that means I'm able to use any set of components (that will fit) without the use of the aftermarket crossovers. Since each speaker is wired individually, i'm assuming the frequency filtering is being done within the amp. So I should just be able to swap out the new speakers for the old, and not worry about the new crossovers. Right? Otherwise, because of how they're wired now, I think i'd be limited to only component sets that have an inline crossover on the tweeters. Also, though it says its a 450 watt system, I have no Idea what the actual RMS is. I'm assuming they're sending 200 to the sub, leaving each set of components getting "50" but what of that 50 is constant, i don't know. I'd like to think it's higher than the 15-18 RMS a typical, non amped, factory HU would serve, but I don't really know. Any ideas?? Thanks!!