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  1. Ultrabb

    Gain problems?

    Alright got the replacement amp in the mail today. Same problem. I went over all of my wiring, speaker connections, and signal. and nothing seems to be the problem. Any help...?
  2. Hey ive got a problem with my system and can't seem to find the solution, I can turn my volume up on my head unit and once it reaches a certain point I start hearing a very loud roaring noise coming from my subwoofers and I can turn the volume down but allowed roaring remains until I turn the whole system off I've checked my RCA wires and grounds thoroughly , any thoughts on the matter?

  3. Ultrabb

    Gain problems?

    Yeah, I did try it just today. It did the same thing. I guess I'm sending the amp back to amazon a second time 😕 For those of you interested i'll update when I get another and if it works.
  4. Ultrabb

    Gain problems?

    I bought one used, and it completely didn't work, go figure. And I bought the second one new after I sent back the first.
  5. Ultrabb

    Gain problems?

    I've been running the under powered one for like a year, I just upgraded to the skar and this is where the problems started.
  6. Ultrabb

    Gain problems?

    So it's plugged in after the factory amp, I'm using a decent line output converter now, I agree the box isn't great, this is just a temporary setup. I don't think that's causing the problem because this happens on multiple subs in different enclosures. I don't think it's the signal because I had it all on a hiphonics 1800.1d and it all ran great. I'm gonna try and tap into something full range later. The only reason I didn't do that in the first place is because the car already has all the crossovers and stuff like that set because it's got like a thx certified sound system or whatever. I'll probably just hook the RCA to a friend's aftermarket sterio and see if that fixes it and keep you updated.
  7. Ultrabb

    Gain problems?

    So I got the audiocontrol lc2i and set it all up with gains and such and it made no difference, I still have the same problem, also I forgot to mention this same thing happens on other subs, I tried it on a pair of kicker compc's in a kicker box made for them, same problem. They don't hit nearly as hard on the new amp and they bottom out. So if box isn't a huge problem and line output converter isn't either, is it the amp? I already sent one back because it literally didn't work. :((
  8. Ultrabb

    Gain problems?

    The actual listing and the box are different, but yeah I know I know prefabs suck. But like is that causing my problem? I'm still thinking it's just my crappy loc
  9. Ultrabb

    Gain problems?

    Yeah so the box is tuned to 32hz, It bottoms out at 35, and 55hz specifically? Like the subs aren't hitting at all either. On my old amp I was severely underpowering the sub and it was hitting way hard. The box is just a prefab from ebay while I Figure out what I wanna do with the setup, i'm pretty sure this is it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/282600080773?ul_noapp=true
  10. Ultrabb

    Gain problems?

    I'm not gonna lie it's like 15 dollars at walmart. Could this really be the problem?? It worked fine for me on the other amp? (Basically what's the difference between like a 12 dollar and 70 dollar LOC)
  11. Ok, so my setup is a -Sundown Audio u-12 wired to 1ohm -Skar RP-2000.1D -Line output converter coming from stock subwoofer harness -Lincoln navigator w/stock head unit Now that we've got that out of the way, I got the skar amp recently and I installed it. I went to set my gains (I'm doing it with the little speaker and the capacitor method) as soon as I get the gain more than half way it sounds like the subwoofer is bottoming out? I'd suspect this to be distortion, so I adjusted the gains on my line output converter until no distortion was present. I tried again. Same result. Normally I wouldn't be complaining, but something is wrong when a sundown u12 can't even get remotely loud without some form of bass boost on higher than rms power? -Ps the box is to spec (2 feet cu) Any help would be much appreciated.
  12. 2004 Lincolin Navigator, It's a Metra Two Channel Line Output Converter, It terminates right where the stock sub in the car is, I connected the Stock sub woofer wires onto the LOC (So it's after the factory amp)
  13. Stock head unit > Stock sub woofer harness > line output converter > Rca's > Amplifier What I meant about the amplifier in the last post was I hooked up an rca to aux cable on my amp and I had the aux cable going through a headphone amplifier just to test if the signal was too weak and it didn't make a difference in the bass volume, sorry I didn't explain that well
  14. See that's what I was thinking. I'm taking my rcas through a line output converter connected to the stock sub and I've connected an amp to my rcas through an auxiliary to rca cable to see if the voltage is low and it seems like it's not.