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  1. Nice website. Thanks. Browsed a little. I like how you can narrow the selection. Awesome. Someone recommended some rather expensive audio frog sub. What are your guys opinion on these GB12D4
  2. Good advice. I'll look into that. It'd be nice if the amp can be connected to the factory headset so I could control the bass from there. Is this possible?
  3. Got it. Your post makes more sense now. Thanks. I've narrowed my choices a bit, making progress. $250 for the Maximo is not so bad at all.Speaker upgrades might be a real possibility in this case. I'd love an active setup with digital controls. How much would a decent dsp setup like this go for?
  4. Thanks bro! Help me out a bit. What is a D4 sub? What is a S2? Raw drivers are upgrading the factor speakers right? Is Passive using standard amps crossover frequencies and active using a dsp to alter it and or fine tune? I want to keep the factor if possible. No DSP for now. Hopefully, I can keep this simple. If I can get duel 12 subs at 1 ohm in a closed box between 500-900 RMS, I'll be more than happy. Though it might make sense to complicate things a bit with a double coil wrap in case I need to use less than the systems max watts. There is a lot to consider. More than I anticipated.
  5. Out of curiosity, can you recommend speakers and a price point for speakers equal or greater sounding that the BOSE for sound quality and clarity, not necessarily loudness. I want to keep shi* simple and just get a sub and amp and not have to pull apart the entire car with new speakers and head unit. Just curious though. Also, basic question. A good duel 12 sub sealed sub for Sound Quality recommendations, no space requirements, under 500 for sub system including box. I listen to EDM, psy trance, has lots of fast low bass notes. I'm worried a ported box will blur this fast 16 notes into one.
  6. I'm shooting for 60/40, max 75/25, subs on top on both ratios, so a range 450-900 RMS output, while keeping the factory. I have my mind set on 2 12 inch subs. Does this mean I need to go DVC here, thus also allowing either 450 or 900 watt output depending non serial or parallel. This way, if 900 is too much, I have plan b, which his wire them in serial to double the impedance (half the watts). DVC means I loose efficiency, especially in a sealed sub box, since the OHMS will likely be either 2 or 4 in this case, while I was hoping for a simpler mono channel system that is efficient at 1 ohm. Is 1 ohm possible for a 2 sub system?
  7. I'm concerned with power balance. I don't want the subs to over power the rest of the audio spectrum. I'm an SQ Guy. I was hoping to shoot for 2 12's at 1 ohm at least around 500-1000 RMS. Now, I have to double think this. Should I limit myself to a single sub no more than 300 watts so the ratio is a solid 50/50 between the subs and the rest of the speakers. Other option of course to replace the 10 speaker 300 watt bose system in my infiiniti fx35 2009 model. It sounds good so it'd be a shame. Is there a way to maybe buy an amp for the for factory speakers to boost it to 500 or more so i can buy more powerful subs in a balanced system? One other question, went to the car shop yesterday and they don't have an option to preview car systems, wtf? Does everyone go in sound unheard and drop a k hoping it sounds decent?