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  1. OK, what's up guys/gals. I Did want to ask about 2-3 way summing from an audio control LC7i? What will summing do for the music? I'm not understanding the reason for it, so having it explained by someone other than a salesperson would be nice! I saw some diagrams of how to do it on the Audio Controls website, but it didn't explain what it will do for the music. If it could be answered by pointing me in the right forum, or here, I would greatly appreciate the assistance!
  2. Ok, so I finally got my system installed. My problem now is hearing my music the way I want to hear it. I still am using the factory head unit, (probably not changing out anytime soon), I have the L.O.C. and a JL Audio JX-400 amp installed with Infinity primus speakers , but the tweeters are shot ( came from the amazon like that I guess, and I got a refund from Amazon for them). The person that installed them tuned it for me, but I'm not getting the power I thought I would get yet. I would tweak it myself, but don't want to mess with it right now. I just want to get some guidance/help in getting this thing right. I will continue to check the blogs on here and see if I can find anything that can point me in some type of direction. Is there anyone who installed audio in Honda Accords experienced problems like this?
  3. Keep_Hope_Alive, Thanks a lot for your guidance and insight! I will definitely check out that website. If you know of any other good sites I can research for my 2012 Honda Accord, Please just point me in the right direction, or even in one of these posts.
  4. I have a 2012 Honda Accord SE I4, I just recently got an Infinity Primus 6500cs components for the front, and Infinity Primus 6502is (I think that's the model number) 6 1/2 for the rear. I'm looking for some videos on installation, or Crutchfield Mastersheets I could find to do it myself, OR if anyone happens to live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area and can help me with the install, I would greatly appreciate the help. I have contacted several shops in Northern Kentucky / Cincinnati area and have received some outrageous quotes for a simple install I believe. ANY help ,or point in the right direction is what I'm looking for.