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  1. Zoltan

    Boston Acoustics Speakers Parameters

    Thanks for your reply THATpurpleKuSH, I was hoping somebody else has already done it, I could indeed go with DATS and then sell it back after or approximate it, after all not all door compartments have the same volume small deviation would not hurt that much the sound, playing with more or less damping for tuning Ho it's not for a theater but stereo setup I must be sentimentally attached to them they have done such an excellent job in the car I had years back, it's difficult for me to sell them.
  2. Hi Everyone, I have a few speakers lying around and I was thinking (foolishly) that I should do something with it like build a set of home loudspeakers I have already found PDF documentations online, the "ProSeriesCompMan.pdf", "Pro65LF.pdf", "Neo5Tech.pdf" and I also already contacted the support on the Boston Acoustics site but they said that they don't have any archive and directed me to third party a documentation website that I already had, so I guess that since it had been bought by Sound United they don't care anymore. So I hope to find more details about the parameters/specifications, like Thiele & Small & Crossover parameters on the following speakers : ProSeries 5.5LF I have the full kit including the Neo5T below and the crossovers boxes ProSeries 6.5LF Just the pair of woofers Proseries Neo 5T hoping that i don't have to spend money into a "DATS V2 Dayton Audio Test System" to get that information that may not be very accurate anyway. I was thinking about maybe making a three way system but unsure about the usefulness of having the 5.5 & 6.5 together, not even sure if the whole think would sound good in a home situation in the end. Thanks Zoltan Neo5Tech.pdf Pro65LF.pdf ProSeriesCompMan.pdf