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    Subwoofer alternatives

    Just about to put in two ported boxes into my trunk. Each box has a JL Audio 10 W7AE. I wanted them reversed (so the magnet is inside the trunk not in the box) but found out the ring on them doesn't allow them to be reversed. Im doing more homework to see what I can do about that as we speak. While doing that homework Im busy trying to figure out second choice Subs if it doesn't work. Ive been wanting that JL Audio one for so long I never looked at alternatives. What would I use instead? I don't have the height for 12s, so need 10s. The boxes have a bit of room to be able to be any size. I like ported sound. Thanks in advance. Andrew - Los Angeles Number of subs preferred: 2 in separate ported enclosures Size preferred (if configuration allows): 10 Budget: whatever it takes, maybe not over $650 each which is about the JL Audio costs Power to be used (which amp(s), include which resistance): JL Audio 1200 Space available (take measurements, do not guess): Goals: Bass as loud and as clear as possible. Deep not punchy. Listening habits: Bass heavy music normally. Reggae, HipHop, funk, electronic Preferred brands/subs/whatever: Whatever fits the above.