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  1. Someone please help. I'm currently in the market for a DSP right now. My only issue is that I have a 2014 F-150 with the molex connector on the doors. Right now I have a set of JL C5 components in the front doors. Can I still use the DSP with the passive crossover still connected to the front components? I'm not trying to drill any holes in the connector or the doors to run new wires. Just curious if this can be done and how much of a difference the sound will be
  2. Do you make speaker spacers? If so how much for a set of 6x8 JL Audio C5 components

  3. krayzie4soundz

    Amp with DSP suggestions

    Hey everyone I'm currently in the market for a DSP. Was wondering if I should get a stand alone DSP or one thats built into the amp. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.
  4. krayzie4soundz

    Please help 8 channel questions

    So your saying just run my components off my amp and my rear coax's off my HU. Does it make that much of a difference to eliminate the passive crossover and go active? Also can I still use the DSP for my coax's if they are running off the HU? Thanks for your response
  5. Hey everyone please excuse me as I'm new to all this. My question is how to wire a 8 channel amp with a mono sub amp correctly with RCA's. I have a JL C5 component set up front with JL coaxels in the rear with a 13TW5 sub powered off a Pioneer 8100nex, JL Slash 300/4 and a JL Slash 500/1. Now my question is I want to start running active with a dsp which I'm not sure of brand yet. I was told I need 2 more channels to run active. With that being said my HU only has 3 sets coming out the rear. Was thinking about replacing my 4 channel amp with a 6 or 8 channel amp with a built in dsp. Just not real sure how you can have a total of 7-8 channels off 5-6 channels of RCA's coming off the HU. Any help is greatly appreciated and any suggestions of a good dsp.