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  1. My 2007 Hummer H3 died and needed a jump start and now my aftermarket stereo stopped working. It has power, but will not turn on(No audio, visual, or controls). My stock stereo plays the last radio station it was on, but there is no visual or controls still. I’m unsure what happened. I checked fuses and made sure no wires fell out of place. Does anyone know what is wrong?
  2. Taconinja77

    Hummer H3 SOS HELP!!!

    I have a Hummer H3 and after my battery died my stereo stopped working. I have power to my stereo because the disc drive and radio still produces sound when my stock stereo is in but with both my aftermarket and stock none of the dials work or provide any visuals. I’m clueless of what is wrong and my aftermarket doesn’t even play any audio so no matter what stereo I have installed they both don’t work. Does anyone know what is wrong?