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  1. Todd1958

    Vintage Mind Blower speakers???

    I owned two pair and a buddy of mine had a pair I bought them for $44 at a store called Zaire in Pompano Beach Florida in 1978 or 79. I remember when the company was going bankrupt and someone else bought them out and I called him up and he told me that he was the the new owner.. There was nothing louder nothing clear anywhere near that price range you could turn your stereo up and a parking lot people would look around wondering where the hell that came from 2 speakers what made them really special besides the sound or very heavy magnets I think they were 20 oz each with build in 100w amps mounting the speakers was kind of difficult because they were so heavy you could use a buddy to hold them while installing the Hardware. It was a rocker (no pun intended) switch that you would Mount under your dash to turn the amps on or to leave them bypassed. Now there are mindblower snobs, but I know how good they were... every once in awhile one would blow and you would just go buy another pair they were only 45 bucks on sale. Guys that spent 10 times as much money would bad mouth them to try and discredit them because they spent big bucks on a system that didn't sound as good.